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I’ve been trying to buy clothing items to get enough heart style points to start my date with a bonus heart. I’m still over 200 hearts away from the bonus. I looked at the stickied FAQ that shows how many hearts should be awarded per closet purchase and my closet heart items have been rewarding me significantly less than that amount. I recently spent $50,000 Kash on heart clothing items and got less than 100 hearts. Is this a glitch or does the game now reward less hearts than the 2014 post indicates? 

Also, what would be the best Kash purchase to increase my style hearts? Clothing? Vehicles? Home items? 

Please help as I’m trying hard to get all the rewards from this Love is in the Air event but not having that bonus heart makes it that much harder. 

Thank you!!


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    I read early on, that the furniture and other things are more cost effective than clothing. Meaning you get more points for less cost.  I am not sure about pets or businesses.  It like a game of roulette, we don’t know whether it’s hearts or stars when we buy it.  Maybe som done has a mor e definite answer, but furniture is better than clothes rumor has it. 
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    There are heart and star icons on furniture. Definitely stick with the kash items that have the heart icon. Bel-Air has really expensive furniture but some of the older locations will be much cheaper. 
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