Fun Time - Spontaneous Thought / Rambling Thread - (Voice To Text w/No Corrections) 😊

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We’ve all done it.  Hit send before checking for typos. I don’t know about you, but my fingers are not used to typing out a few letters and taking the screen prompt. When that’s not message up....I use VTT, but I speak too fast for that to work well. Lol.   So, after some VTT Uncorrected Posts. @Jabberwooh had an idea......
Jabberwooh said:
@kokokokonut honestly I wish voice to text was more common lol. Certain things are so hard to truly get across correctly through text only and I love a good rant. I'd be up for a "spontaneous thoughts/rambling thread" where you have to use voice to text and you're not allowed to correct any mistakes lol. Anyways, your message was at least understandable! I've sent so many messages while literally drifting in and out of sleep and they're just a bunch of random characters although I'm convinced that I typed the right thing 😂 

Let’s try it. Who’s up for a fun game of VTT?
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    Oh god... here's me trying to explain my biggest pet peeve in the game via VTT:

    "Okay so the photo shoot destinations like there's one in Reykjavik and I think there's once you know the one with the eagle on the side if whatever and there's just one button and it's off to the side and it is on top the Bailey's gift box once it's right on top and also you can click like think this is right exact height for you to try to click starts if you cannot just end up clicking the button in a can't believe they have a 6X I know it's been there since 2014 for the surgery in July no u"

    It tried 😂

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