I can't do the "RT's Something Big" mission, i need help! 😟

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I can't do the "RT's Something Big" mission because the "Bottle it up" mission is open in the same scenario. The RT is stuck in the dialogue: "This will be great! Speak to Maria for more info..." (Of the "RT's Something Big" mission) but Maria does not appear Maria, she is in her office with the common dialogue (Ask me if a want to change my name).The dialogue of the "Bottle it up" should be the question by RT about the perfume bottle (See that when i enter the office i have the perfume bottle in my hands) but this question does not appear anymore, so I am unable to complete either mission because of this bug. Two days ago I contacted your support and they asked me to confirm if there was any pending dialogue with Maria on any other mission, so I did ALL the missions that were pending and even then the problem was not resolved. I have visited ALL places in ALL cities, there is no pending dialogue! The missions that are pending are POSTERIORS, ALL the PREVIOUS missions I did in the last two days. There is nothing pending and I have tried everything, please resolve this error!

I repeat with emphasis: 1- I have NEVER completed the "Bottle it up" mission.

2- The missions that are pending came AFTER the mission "Blottle it up" so none of them is related to the problem I am facing.

3- It is obvious that I have the latest version of the game, otherwise I would not be participating in the mission "RT's Something Big" that belongs to the new game update.

4- According to the forum, when RT says "This will be great! Speak to Maria for more info ..." Maria is on his side, but in my game she doesn't appear!!!

5- I have no problems with connectivity, internet access or internal memory.


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    This should be resolved within the next 24 hours or so. Please be patient with us and then you can go back to RT's office and it should work.
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