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Hello all. I've had this problem since March - I claim Diamond rewards in events, but the amount of Diamonds I have doesn't change. It started when the Iron Model Challenge and Atelier Korkov Couture Kollection first showed up. I didn't notice it at first, because Show Your Style doesn't award that much. It came to my attention only after I completed the Iron Model Challenge and didn't receive anything, even though I picked up the reward. I contacted support, provided screenshots, did as they instructed me. It took two weeks (with occasional reassuring messages that the developers are looking into my issue) when they finally contacted me yesterday with apologies about the problem and gave me back the Diamonds I didn't receive (which I promptly spent when the Kollection came back and after that I was left with 1 Diamond lol). Today, when I went to pick up rewards from Show Your Style, I noticed that my issue remains - I claimed the Diamond reward, but it wasn't added to the one I already had. I play on Android, my app is up-to-date. I'm a little hesitant about writing a ticked this time, that's why I decided to consult the forum first about what I should do.


  • BlaqkAudioBlaqkAudio Registered Users 12 Posts
    Sorry for double posting, but I thought I'd post a little update. 
    So, I took screenshots before and after I claimed a Diamond in Show Your Style this weekend to show that Diamonds don't get added to my account and sent a ticket to support. Did they address the issue? No. They didn't even mention it in their reply, just that they're sorry and "here's your Diamond". It made me feel like I'm badgering them for a measly Diamond  :/ I still don't receive anything that I claim myself. I really hope it'll get fixed in future updates of the game. Best of luck to anyone else stuck with this issue!
  • emily_from_kkhemily_from_kkh Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I'm having this same issue right now and of course GLU support is useless as always. Did it get fixed in the end?
  • suziq24suziq24 Registered Users, Member 107 Posts
    I’m having the same issue too. Contacted support. It’s very frustrating ! 
  • yolytahyolytah Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Hello! I have the same issue since two months ago. Everything was going fine until my phone broke I bought a new one and I haven't been getting any diamonds or dyes (that I won on SYS and daily boxes) I contacted support and they gave me the same answer!!
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    I'm still having the problem with diamonds. I claim the diamond bt it's not adding in my tab😭. It's been 2 months. How to solve it?
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    Ho. Sorry you are having trouble.   Please send a ticket to Customer Care.  Take any screenshots showing the diamonds don't add to your total.   Good luck.   Sorry for the inconvenience.  
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    I’m having a similar issue. Same with kstars from offers. Ive reached out to support countless times asking for them to investigate what the issue is rather than just giving me the kstars or diamonds but I have yet to get a response as to why my account seems to have issues with rewards accurately sending through. 
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    I have a big problem. When i was diamonds ít not upload in game. Please help me. I need diamonds

  • AriesEmpressAriesEmpress Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I've been having this issue for 3 weeks now and all they're doing is giving me the diamonds and dyes I didn't receive instead of fixing my issue and said it was due to sync issues or network errors. I've Uninstaller and reinstalled the game and tried playing on multiple networks and the issue remains. I think I'm just gonna quit playing 
  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Moderators 5,602 Posts
    @AriesEmpress Hi! Sorry this keeps happening. I found your in-game ticket and discussed your game with our customer care team. We'd be happy to help you with rewards if this happens again, so feel free to send another in-game message if you need help. Please do not uninstall your game to troubleshoot anything because we can't  restore lost progress.
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  • AriesEmpressAriesEmpress Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Thank you @KalindaKing , I do appreciate getting the rewards added but at the end of the day the issue isn't resolved and I don't think it's worth the hassle, I think it would be quite annoying on both ends. I'll keep playing until my squad can find a member to replace me so they won't miss any gift boxes.
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