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  • SisSnappedLikeThanosSisSnappedLikeThanos Registered Users, Member 1,194 Posts
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    Only posting this here to document in case it's someone that benefited from the extra tickets glitch. Could just be your normal ticket buyer but I can't tell 😭

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  • fibixxfibixx Registered Users, Member 84 Posts
    Well, I was hoping for a TS for everyone, as some people got 7 free tickets or so, so basically free TS prize... and I was not that lucky to use that glitch... 
  • DelenaGovatoDelenaGovato Registered Users, Member 534 Posts
    Also i have problem with the votes. 
    I have 293 votes and im in 5th place but after minutes it shows me in 3rd place with the same votes, and after minutes im in 5th place again. And it happens and happens again,this vicious circle.
  • rose2797rose2797 Registered Users, Member 288 Posts
    I also only got 3 diamonds, did anyone get 5? This isn’t even enough to get one item from voting and doesn’t help at all...
  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,460 Posts
    Haha okay, but what is the actual solution?
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  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Glu Moderator Moderators 4,083 Posts
    It seems like most of the issues that appeared at the beginning of the event have settled down, which is good. As you know, there was an ongoing glitch where some players lost a ticket during Show Your Style events and couldn't replace it without contacting our team. We tried to resolve that in this event. Unfortunately that led to new issues. I'm sorry this event has been frustrating and we'll continue looking into it next week.
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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 1,956 Posts
    I got three diamonds too. Could anyone confirm if they got more?
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  • RachelLiebeRachelLiebe Registered Users, Member 278 Posts

    15 kstars and 5 diamonds total?
    Apologies, I also collected the +2 SYS diamonds at the same time and forgot to compensate for that. It was 3 diamonds I received, not 5.
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  • PixiDustPixiDust Registered Users, Member 726 Posts
    is this a late april fools or something ? 😭 I hate to be ungrateful but only 3 diamonds ?
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  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,649 Posts
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    . but seriously how is it fair that we don’t even have a chance of winning prizes now because of this!!?!?  I appreciate the small gift but how bout revamp the leaderboard so more people get the items!?!? Top five get both. 5-10 get just dress! Something because while it was a nice gesture deserving people are losing their prizes and that is just plain wrong!!! 
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 1,848 Posts
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    Thank you @KalindaKing for a gift 🥰
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  • fibixxfibixx Registered Users, Member 84 Posts
    It still feels like it is not fair regarding TS... some people got no extra tickets, some got unlimited, how can they compete? And it is not because the look was better or someone spent money for tickets, just due to system error! 
  • karina_kkhkarina_kkh Registered Users, Member 83 Posts
    i got the 3 diamonds but they're not showing up in my diamonds count... so thanks for nothing i guess 🙃🙃
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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 1,956 Posts
    yezx said:

    Okay so:
    agree - delete the game and stop this mental abuse
    lol - give them chance n°86272726727

    I say wait for the update and then decide... I still have hope lol
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  • LaulieeBoohLaulieeBooh Registered Users, Member 221 Posts
    Thanks @KalindaKing for the gift ☺️
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  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,905 Posts
    @mikaylachimo I got 3 from kalinda. I thought the amount was 5 because I claimed my +2 diamonds from SYS at the same time as I received my 3 from Kalinda🤦🏼‍♀️
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