Questions about NPC levels

OlymphiaOlymphia Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I'm sorry if this is written somewhere else, but I was unable to find it, so hopefully someone can answer my questions:
  1. Can you help NPCs increase star-level? It doesn't seem to help giving them gifts, that only increases the relationship bar. I'm asking because my boyfriend in game is a C-level and I'm now A-level, and I'd like for him to be as famous as me.
  2. Does the star-level matter when they're co-starring? Does it make sense to keep increasing the level of a D-level contact or is it better to switch out to an A-level as soon as one is available?
  3. Is there ANY way to change the appearance of them WITHOUT spending tons of k-stars and money on it? Most of them look absolutely ridiculous - what's up with all the red eyes?
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