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  • ashleyyashleyy Registered Users, Member 1,425 Posts
    Got the top in my free box 💖 opened two more to try to get the matching skirt that I love, but I got energy and then the points, I really wanna save my stars and I’m gonna try really hard not to open anymore 😅

  • ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 796 Posts
    edited May 2020
    i’ve been a long time lurker and today decided to actually make an account so hi forum(: first post & I wish it was under better circumstances because WTF!! the only thing I wanted was the skirt and maybe top... the skirt wasn’t even an option?!?! i’m so pissed!! that’s the only reason I spent any extra kstars and come to find out it was for no reason because no matter what I picked I wouldn’t of gotten it lol... at least I got 40 kstars back but still what the hell! please pray for my kimiversary & vip weekend savings bc im going after that skirt🙄


    upset is an understatement.

    edit x2:

    opened a 6th box and finally got the skirt, got cocky and opened another to try to get the top and 🥴
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  • RocketQueenRocketQueen Registered Users, Member 110 Posts

    I got the top in my free box!! No idea how to style it without the skirt but came up with this quickly - thoughts or advice? All your dolls look sooooo cute with the hair, I'm so tempted to chase! But I told myself I wouldn't before Kimiversary...
  • Monica LMonica L Registered Users 696 Posts
    @AmandaMKkh thanks - I will keep an eye for it next month. It’s so cute!
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  • 3nity3nity Registered Users, Member 83 Posts
    I opened 6 boxes total and got the hair, top and skirt! They are gorgeous! 

  • SpleenSpleen Registered Users 321 Posts
    edited May 2020
    aoife said:
    I’ve noticed that every box that has been posted contained all 4 items, is glu finally listening to peoples complaints! 
    Well my palette only had two items, again. Fourth time in a row, I'm getting tired of it...
    And no kstars in this palette...

  • babykaybabykay Registered Users, Member 25 Posts

    totally blacked out and forgot to screenshot my earlier palettes and only took a screenshot after opening my 7th box like a fool 🤕 my kstars are down the drain BUT I finally got the hair!! it’s charli babyyy
  • Scarlett_9297Scarlett_9297 Registered Users, Member 234 Posts

  • StevieCurryStevieCurry Registered Users, Member 759 Posts
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    pleased w what i got but resisting the urge to chase GB items 🙃 also LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF DAILY BOX CLOTHINGS WTH!!!!!!!!

    y’alls dolls are all looking gorgeous in the gb items 😭

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  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 3,015 Posts
    edited May 2020
    ashleyy said:
    Does it look like this skirt matches the top if I use my only 3 pink dyes for it? 

    Agree for yes dye it 
    like for no save your dyes 

    (I’m trying to style the top without the skirt to stop myself from opening anymore boxes 😶) 

    You can try that skirt also! 
    Edit: you're looking for a short skirt and I didn't realize it at first 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts
    Got the hair and the skirt currently doing offers to get the top and won the collection hair so im happy 
  • ashleyyashleyy Registered Users, Member 1,425 Posts
    @thesweetone lol yeah, but thank you for trying to help 💖
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,746 Posts
    edited May 2020
    Got hair in free box. I wanted the top. Now I’m going to cry


    new edit:

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
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  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 1,215 Posts

    Waiting for a galaxy themed SYS with 2 beauties.
    @thallisa @mikaylachimo


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  • nhq1012nhq1012 Registered Users, Member 209 Posts
    I love the hairrr 🥰🥰🥰
  • NatalieOatlyNatalieOatly Registered Users, Member 91 Posts
    I don’t have luck, spent all my stars to get only skirt of that beautifull set. I am crying now 😭
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  • Noela87Noela87 Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    TheBola said:
    @DelenaGovato the offers you can complete give you double the amount of kstars. For example if you download and play a game, usually would give you 20 Kstars but now it is 40. 🤗 I hope I helped. You can find them when you tap on kstars you own. 
    do you all have so many K-stars because of the offers you do?
    I see so many people with 400+ K-stars. I never got that many.
    I feel like when I do the offers I never receive the reward..
  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,377 Posts
    I chased the hair without getting it and now I have all the items but the hair 🤡
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,746 Posts
    I love this clothing set 🥰 and this is me with @kadamisia ☺️

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  • kadamisiakadamisia Registered Users, Member 1,086 Posts

    With @Sweetstephy and @mikaylachimo ✨⭐️💫
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  • kadamisiakadamisia Registered Users, Member 1,086 Posts
    @robertavyy Looking cute! ✨😍 Tysm for including my doll!!!
    IOS player
    🦥 English isn't my 1st language 🦥
  • sleepfordinnersleepfordinner Registered Users, Member 56 Posts
    out of all the events, I always dread dating events the most. They're so soul sucking like how kim k hollywood used to do those 24 hour photoshoots  :( 1 hour dates should be illegal  

    beauty is pain 
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