cancel wedding/engagement?

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i accidentally clicked yes to marrying some random i was using for event points, how can i stop the questline? :c
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    When I did that I broke up with him at the wedding lol  edit: but it was my third marriage so there wasn’t a quest line for it - idk if you can go on a date with him and break up with him to cancel out the quest line if it’s your first marriage 
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    Hmm. I don’t know.  But maybe we can find an answer in the FAQ, online and in the help section of your game.  I’ll poke around and see if I find anything.  Online it’s here....    I didn’t see anything about Accepted proposal cancel wedding...tbh, I’d marry him then divorce.  It completes the cycle smoothly with no loose ends.  
    I don’t recommend deleting him.  Someon did that, and now she’s married to a ghost and can’t marry again.  You can change his features and make him more your type.  If y9u abs9lutely D9nt want to marry him, send an InGame ticket to Support.

    • 1   Go to the top left corner of your game screen and tap the 3 lines.
    • 2 - Next tap Help,
    • 3- Next tap Glu Support   
      -     If you do not see a contact form, you will see a prompt like ‘Can’t find what you’re looking for?’     I put in David, or Bowie, or Elvis....they don’t have anything about them, so it opens the contact us button. 

    Explain the situation and submit.

     (lll/help/glu support)
     Please Only Contact Support once.  Thanks and good luck.  

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  • HaileyRothHaileyRoth Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
    thanks for the replies! i think i will take @kokokokonut’s advice and just follow the quests through then instantly divorce him
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