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hi, everyone, i'm new to the forum so here's something i've been wondering about for a while:
i lost my whole summer 2018 by not upgrading my icloud storage. i don't care about the storyline but almost 2 years later, it still hurts losing great items. this time frame is also when i completed all the good offers for double rewards & i can't even redo them. i broke my ipad and lost progress - if i ever fix it, is there a way to recover the game?
i don't want to have to choose between the old & new versions, especially because some of those offers cost $ or took a week (or 2... did mafia city twice because the first time it didn't work & i had deleted the app stupidly with no screenshot). makes me want to abandon 2 years of progress & i've played almost 3...
any hopeful answers? thanks in advance.
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