🗳️ SYS 5/14/20 - Paris Street Style! 🐩🥐🍾



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    AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    Is the unlimited ticket glitch still going around... because I’ve still got my tickets even though I’ve submitted my first two 🤨 even when I reopen my game they are still there
    Not gunna take advantage of it, I don’t move like that
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    KhalilahjahaanKhalilahjahaan Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    edited May 2020
    Update Glu got right back to me, they gave me 2 tickets then my game went nuts. I have 1 look with 0 votes but 37 votes towards the first prize. I also don’t have TS group. I don’t need them to “fix”anything else. I just want the braids.
    Game going brazy

    Now TS isn’t counting my votes

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    woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    Ok so my look actually got some love- I’m currently in first place, my group does not have on theme outfits. I feel like the second look should’ve gotten more votes but I mean I’m still in first
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    𝗥𝗼𝘀𝗮𝗥𝗼𝘀𝗮 Registered Users, Member 52 Posts
    let’s just pray it stays this way!!! 
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    samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    Rikk said:

    Looks 1 and 2:

    i LOVE Luca’s first look!!
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    jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,942 Posts
    @AmyMimi unfortunately you have to use them, otherwise your timer won’t start 😕 I would take a screenshot of your two posted looks and show that you still have 2 tickets left so glu can actually see the glitch. 
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    therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts

    So yeah goodbye hair. Are these the best looks? No but for real im so beyond done. Its always gowns 
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    aoifeaoife Registered Users, Member 95 Posts
    ciarax said:
    emmaisson said:
    Uh... here we go. Guess who was the popular pick? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    so disappointing! starting to think these people are trolling 😭
    I have a theory that people who are just voting real quick casually naturally select the flashier/more glamorous look without really thinking about it 
    Yes sometimes when i’m not completely concentrating i do this and the immediately in my head am like “WHAT DID I JUST DO YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY VOTE” 
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    JaelynJaxJaelynJax Registered Users 624 Posts
    Damn my scores sucked🥴🥴🥴🥴...just trying to get the braid hairstyle 
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    elenaa63kkhelenaa63kkh Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    edited May 2020
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    kileyxx7kileyxx7 Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    edited May 2020
    I wish I knew what all the voters are thinking 
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    leelottaleelotta Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    Well I think my look wasn’t that bad considering some people are submitting gowns lol, but I guess this SYS is going to be fun🥰
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    ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    Ok, so here are my 2 first looks.
    one night at the theatre and one night out in Paris (Sorry if the outfits doesn’t really match the theme, but I don’t have a lot of outfits yet. Can’t wait for the Kimiversary). I’ve also got 6 kstars in the voting booth already, so I think I will vote all the time now. 😂

    At first I didn’t liked the TS items, but now I see it on my doll I really like it a lot 😍.

    Good luck everyone ! 😊🤞

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    robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,746 Posts
    submitted second look. But probably gonna get same votes like first one 🤦🏼‍♀️
    In my group a lot of dolls using gowns. And I think I already have a tb. Hate sys event 

    iOS player 
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    AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,664 Posts
    @Rikk I love your styling my fav are your 1st and luka’s 2nd 😍
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    samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    the votes seem to be coming in fast though
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    helcabuhelcabu Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    @samanthakkh ohhh im pretty sure i voted for your 1st look (with the hat) - i loved that so much so im super bummed to see it got low number of votes, but you were the popular pick! The girl against you was a girl in a white wedding dress 🙈
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    EllaCharlotteEllaCharlotte Registered Users, Member 453 Posts
    Eurgh. System stole my first ticket. Getting match fetch errors. Gowns everywhere. Seeing stunning looks get criminal scores.

    Can someone just wake me up on Sunday when this is over?!
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    bella1997bella1997 Registered Users, Member 29 Posts

    Girl on the right seriously ???
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