🗳️👰SYS - May 21st, 2020 - Dream Wedding - Perfect Theme for an Almost June SYS💐🥂



  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,803 Posts
    I finally got 2 diamonds while voting but I only got them after I just spend 25 on a dress. I decided to take 2 more turns to get dye so at least if one gave me a color I don't want to use, I could have more to use for a future dye exchange. The pink I actually want to use though.
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  • sharonbp95sharonbp95 Registered Users, Member 248 Posts
    I haven’t gotten any unlocks today. I’ve only had the two from yesterday. 
    Same. I’m running out of things to wear. And I only got 29 votes on my last look because I had to use an ugly dress since it was the only one I hadn’t used. 
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    Nvm seems to be ok now 
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  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 428 Posts
    @Maria2019 thank you!! ❤️
  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
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    brunakkh said:
    My next looks, I’m really happy with my scores but getting kinda of bored

    @brunakkh 1st look though...omfg girl great minds think alike. I actually styled my doll with the same updo and earrings except for the drink though. I had the ice cream sundae in mines 😍😍😍😍 Went with overall barbie wedding dream look with mines.

    Went with a barbie dream wedding look and scored a 48 for this one😍😍😍😍. I wanted to keep it classy and elegant didnt want to go overthetop with the barbie wigs since I felt feel like it looked too casual for this theme. Changed outta my wedding dress and had a quick outfit change. And now gonna dance at the reception party 😂

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  • AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,152 Posts
    @thesweetone that hair was VIP only, was never added to the closet like the blue gown that came with it, and is no longer a part of the VIP subscription since they changed it in 2019.
  • KoakumaKoakuma Registered Users 790 Posts
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    I'm booored 😴 and not even the promise of a free diamond is enticing me to vote
  • brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts
    @Carol Davida omg cant believe how similar our looks were! I absolutely love your style, and going with the milkshake was genius lol it just goes really well with the pinkish look
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  • dotti_hdotti_h Registered Users, Member 614 Posts
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    Can somebody submit this hair?🥰 IOS
  • therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts
    i cant. all these accessories and yet all i see is WASTE OF DYE. 😭
    at times like this i always say WWCD( what would @Cherrey do) 
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    also, i have neverrr seen so many dolls wearing the last earnable in any other sys 
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    @therealChar same!! i almost tagged her 😭
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 3,015 Posts
    @Koakuma @AliBryant thank you girls! Too bad, this hair is dreamy, I would've saved 50 diamonds if need be 😪🌹
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