Once again.. in the world of male dolls..

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Hey everyone, I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe in these times!
I feel quite uneasy that the reason of my occasional returns to this place are always for another set of complaints, especially when it comes to mistreatment of male dolls. But now... the line has really been crossed and I need to raise awareness of it.

"Color Your World" event popping up upon entering the game this morning made me jump out of bed in joy. Reading through the purpose of it, I figured we will FINALLY get diamonds (in case you did not know, males don't have that currency whatsoever), but to my surprise, I'm still tuned out of the system completely, without being able to get any. I'm, once again, kicked out of the new feature/option from the get-go, despite being technically available for guys as well. And I'd like to say I'm surprised, but how can I be?
How long do I have to be disappointed and pushed into resetting my now 7 months old male doll, who I've grown to adore despite the system.. JUST to have new items to be excited about. At this point, I'd literally take a new watch as a blessing from above and that's saying a lot granted that's one of 2ish accessories guys can equip on their arms/hands. Instead, I'm just updating my game to even be able to play SYS aloneinstead of the exciting changes per every update's thematic and constant additions female dolls thrive in - which I, by no means, devalue and am genuinely happy that, at the very least, you're being treated right.
I'm also very aware that females contribute to a good 85-90 percent of total playerbase... I understand the focus being on the playerbase that massively funds your game.. but even FIVE percent of the treatment they receive (TWO items per MONTH) would be something to look forward to. Aren't they aware I'll just run out of Throwbacks at one point, as that's the only option I have left?

I'm clearly very displeased and I'm sorry if it comes off annoying or hateful. Imagine your wardrobe not having a single new item in many, many months, instead of 3 sets per weekend (and even those come with backlash and aren't always received well). If this is how the treatment continues to unfold, just turn off the option to play as a male model, as is the case in many other female-oriented games. Don't promote male dolls in the images, if the only valid option for the use of male rig is the female doll's husband.

It's long overdue for someone at Glu to acknowledge this matter and make some things known. This definitely calls for a public statement, especially when I can't even pick up dyes to color my already laughably short wardrobe options. I haven't heard or found a single word on why this has been going on for this long and if some of my fellow guys or girlies who play as a male doll are reading this - I'd very much like to hear your take/stance on it.

Finally, warm thank you if you read through the whole thing. I have hopefully added some perspective and light to a matter nearly everyone keeps forgetting about. I welcome all opinions and replies.
Cheers <3
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