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Hey dolls! It’s my first time posting. 
Here’s my problem: i got to be the #1 celebrity like, a really long time ago. I didn’t wanted to do the comeback quest because i didn’t quite understand how it worked and was afraid to lose my clothes (lol priorities) so i just mantained my spot. Then i changed my doll’s name and lost 30% of my followers on the way, which is a large number and dropped to #150 i think. Now i’ve been climbinh back on top and i’ve been #2 since december, and i play daily. Willow Pape is on top of me with aproximately 50 million more followers, and everytime i gain some more, she does too, so at this point it’s been impossible for me to surpass her and be #1 again, and now i really want to do the comeback 😭 i’ve contacted glu but they said they couldn’t do anything 🙄
So now i ask you for help, what can i do to beat her? I’ve been doing parties like crazy but like i said, whenever i gain followers she does too. Thank youuuuu 💕


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    You'll eventually pass her - it's just part of the gameplay to make it challenging. I feel being mid 100's on the list are the hardest because there are huge jumps between positions, but once you get closer to the top 10/20 it's pretty easy to pass. Parties will get you fans the quickest. Also remember that doing reality shows gets you viewers NOT fans so if you've been focused on doing those then that will drop you back down in fan count.
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