🗳️SYS - 5/28/20 - Flower Power theme - that's Groovy. 🌼🔋



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    Oh no . Please no gowns.   Maxi dresses were daytime dresses you’d wear out in broad daylight walking around.   They looked like the ruffled long almost prairee dresses hippies wore in the 60s.  In the 70s it filtered down to J.C. Penney and Macy’s and everyone wore them. To school, don’t think work, shopping,....
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    I’d post the video Good Vibrations for you @elettrahere but that’s 60s. ;)
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    This. This. And this ! Was waiting for someone else to bring it up since I felt a little bit like I'm annoying everyone with my negativity lately but...
    Edit to clarify: little details sometimes bother me more they should 😅
    Aww don’t feel bad, we are all human.  I have my little ‘things’. We all do.   <3
    You're so sweet, thank you! 💖 
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    I dyed the floral top we got with the update because I know I'm going to have to make sure I have enough floral print to use and I had dye saved up. It's a shame the dress I got with diamonds last week doesn't go with the actual theme since it's floral but it's a formal dress.
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    Idk why or how I came up with thisss😭 
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    Earnables and TS are cute but I’m just gonna ignore the TS as I won’t be anywhere near to get either of them. Think this could be a lot of fun.
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    @juliara I particularly love your first look!  She looks like an amazing character on a 70s sitcom and I am all about it.
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    Ohemilie said:
    I’m not playing this sys. I’m so fed up of the whole thing, it’s never fun or exciting anymore and just stresses me out. Especially as I’m in UK so time zone means my tickets come in middle of the night. I have barely made top 5 over last few weeks despite always getting high 40s and 50s and im just not putting myself through another rubbish few days for some items that are so specific they can only be worn that weekend anyway
     Tbh, I think the game should place the time for sys to be the same as the time zone of the player’s phone  to facilitate players outside the US ( I know this isn’t the right thread to say such thing). I totally agree with you, I’m not participating this sys, it’s kind of pointless 😒 sorry
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    Not in love w the TS items so i’ll just chill this sys and be as creative as i can 😄 don’t have any theme-appropriate outfits though 🤣
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    I am so screwed... this is all I came up with for now. I am ashamed to even post these 😂 I don’t even know if they’re in theme 😩 

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    livyx said:

    We’re ready for this 60s vibes SYS! With @kadamisia @AmyMimi and @kaydencekkh🌟🎶🌈💃🏻
    @livyx Thanks for including me 🙈🥰 we all look so lovely 💕 I’m looking forward to seeing so many creative looks this sys !
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    CryingKim said:

    I don’t know what to submit with my limited closet items, but here are the looks that I came up with. Hoping the voters will not take the “flower power” theme literally 😭
    Love the last 5 looks!! The first 3 aren't as bad as you think and my advice would be to try and make them slightly less formal💖
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    I already try 10 looks but this is the only good 
    This is so good! 😍
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    I’m not good in themes related to Fashion history 🥺 I have to make so much searching and search my wardrobe item by item and make at least 10 looks prepared but I like the challenge  I wish to get everything tho but I won’t be traumatized if I didn’t Get 1st place .
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    @CryingKim that third look looks so much like Sharon Tate! Maybe you got her as your inspo??? Its perfect
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    Well I have no idea what I'm doing
  • mel27mel27 Registered Users, Member 23 Posts

    I like this look a lot, I think it gives off a 70s rock fan vibe 🤘🏼 Not sure if voters would go for it though. 
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    Me: posts a cute neat guide on how to go through outfits
    Also me: 

    Someone please tell me why I actually like this? My doll is so done with my ridiculous experiments that are DEFINITELY NOT desperate enough that I used this outfit 🤦‍♀️
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    Pattie Boyd - 1960’s model, wife of George Harrison & Eric Clapton - “Bell Bottom Blues” was written about her. 
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    thallisa said:
    Omg i swear these themes are getting harder and harder 😭 but I’m very happy that I finally have a good reason to use the bundle from boho chic kollection lol

    I’ve prepared some hippie looks and some more groovy ones, I wonder what the voters will prefer and what Kalinda will recommend! 

    I don’t own the hair with the red bandana and I’m not sure if I like it enough to buy it for this SYS 🤔
    I LOVE your 2nd to last and last the most! I've been to more than a few Dead and Company shows, and that's totally the style. It's funny, I could actually dress the part in real life on this one, sadly my prissy lil doll doesn't share the same style in her large kloset. 😃 oh well, and good luck, looks like you got this one for sure!
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