Things in our kloset that are WORTH buying

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Hi dolls! I saw a thread similar to this called “Most handy things to invest in?” but it’s more about businesses, the jet, pets... What I’d like to know is what are the things you bought that are in the kloset (like dresses, shoes, hairstyles, handhelds, accesories, shirts, facial features....) that you think are worth buying and that can score well in sys. With kimiversary coming our way I think this thread could be helpful to a lot of people! I would tell you my favorite items but I started playing this year so I don’t have much clothes to recommend, so I’ll leave you guys to it!

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    I sprang for the new nose a during a K-star event awhile back and I really like it - and what is a game of imagination like this for if not for getting the nose job I'll never get in real life?
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    First of all, get decent lips and eyes. The free lips that game gives us are horrible so choose one if you won't be getting any from events anytime soon. Also some eyes from the closet are very good, I personally bought one of the narces ones that come with eyebrows and after that I saved up to have another pair of eyes and eyebrows.

    Buy sportswear and summer themed pieces with kash, don't miss out on them. You never know what could be useful for future sys. 

    Second one of my suggestions is this gorgeous ponytail that costs 35 kstars, it's one of the best ponytails in the game I think. 

    Then these shoes, they are very basic and chic on top of looking good with nearly all the dyes:

    We obviously purchase any decent iten from kloset that we can buy with kash but I think these shoes are the ones you should purchase first, they go well with so many things:

    The rest of my picks is up to you but I thought they were the most essential clothing pieces that came with fairly reasonable prices. Especially swimsuits might be useful for future themed sys. Here they are:

    This clutch is very cheap and cute. It goes well with many things too. 

    And this too literally goes with anything. I think it's a good investment but not everyone might agree. 

    I also spotted some very nice handhelds, I will post again after I decided which one of those would be essential. 
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    I'm back with some other picks 🤗

    I found these earrings to be very useful. As far as I remember they were a bit pricey but you could buy it during a sale or vip event. 

    Now in this picture I have 4 things to recommend: earrings, necklace, eye color and hair color. I use this choker and earrings pair very frequently. This red hair color is a very natural shade and this light brown eye color proved to be very useful - it goes well with any skin color and hair color combination and looks good with every eye shape I came across so far. 
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    This dress! It almost always does well in gowns SYS (especially dyed gold/champagne). You need to be on a certain level to buy it, but you can buy it without waiting while voting during SYS.

    I also like these shoes, they’re very versatile. You can dye the pink ones in almost every colour and they still look good with a matching outfit!
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