🗳️🍰SYS - June 25th, 2020 - 6 Year Kimiversary - Show Your Style Event!🥂



  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts
    kkhnolan said:
    @Bear_KKH I think it was a SMC!
    Ok thanks! I had never seen it before. 
    - Emmy
  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,128 Posts
    If anyone on Android is going to submit this dress please tag me! I'm level 33 so I can only buy it through get this look, and I'd love to buy it discounted!

    - Emmy
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,631 Posts
    edited June 2020
    Nvm, wrong thread! 
  • SDC93SDC93 Registered Users, Member 957 Posts
    Hey friends, so next weekend is 4th of July here in the US. It’s a pretty big holiday so I’m guessing it’ll impact our sys. If you’re considering an aura, I’d recommend the fireworks and for handhelds the sparkler. You may wanna save diamonds for next week. 
  • ElleRosegoldElleRosegold Registered Users, Member 24 Posts

    Does anybody know where these lips are from?? 
  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,072 Posts

    Does anybody know where these lips are from?? 
    They’re from a VIP event in August 2019 

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  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 532 Posts

    Looks 5-9 
    i feel very average this week. I’m on track for the last earnable though so I’m ok with it. I may even be able to stay in top 5, there’s already 2 TBs so already know I’m not getting the hair. 
    Also I bought the red dress by mistake so I’m trying to make myself like it lol. 
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • BeckyTXo1239BeckyTXo1239 Registered Users, Member 397 Posts
    Look 9 and 10
    the votes are getting a little better than there were at the start of the SYS
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  • rociodemayorociodemayo Registered Users, Member 552 Posts
    y'all im tired, ive been voting non stop and I can't find anyone wearing these tights :neutral: 
    Also, should I buy the lil' cupcake? Which handhelds are the best?
  • RachelLiebeRachelLiebe Registered Users, Member 314 Posts
    Anyone knows from where this balloon is?☺️

    It’s from the Halloween VIP. There was the white and red ‘blood’ dress, the mascara stained eyes, messy hair and that balloon 😊
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  • ronnievronniev Registered Users, Member 292 Posts
    Currently in first! But probably not for long idk 🥺
  • Charlotte_DCharlotte_D Registered Users, Member 231 Posts
    edited June 2020

    Finally got the earnables, currently 11:30pm 😴😴😴
    Im in 2nd behind a ticket buyer as of now... Not fussed as long as I stay above 5th 💖💖
  • kkh_claricekkh_clarice Registered Users, Member 1,150 Posts
    edited June 2020
    Can someone on android submit the pink petals aura? Please? Ik they don't fit the theme but I need them. 🥺

    Edit: just found it!!! 🥰
    🦋 android daily player | english isn't my first language 🦋
  • brom617brom617 Registered Users, Member 527 Posts
    Looks like these tights cause a few issues lol turns out they go up a lot higher than I thought they did? 😂

    Where are these tights from? They are so cute!
  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,375 Posts
    Im happy seeing so so many people scoring really goodly!!!
    Well i am defenetly flopping! Ive tried short dresses, midle lenght dresses and they all flop... I guess i have to try a gown as an SOS to see if it works 😞😞
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