Lost game progress

PeytonTPeytonT Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hi, I'm a bit stressed right now. I just went to log on to play, and found out my game had suddenly reset itself a few levels back and I lost so much progress! I went from level 36 to 27, and lost all my clothes, houses, relationships, etc. that I had earnt during these levels. I am connected to facebook, and when the game opened it was congratulating me on connecting to facebook and gave me 20 kstars. I'm a bit stressed, since I spent so much effort into everything between level 27 to 36, and out of nowhere my game had reset itself. My device has plenty of storage, but I did not back up on the cloud, just using facebook. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have submitted a ticket to glu, but just wondering if anyone had encountered this before and what I should do to avoid it in the future?
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