🗳️ 🌈 SYS -7/16/20 - Rainbow Realness (Look at all the Colors!)🌈



  • ThreePartMagicThreePartMagic Registered Users, Member 856 Posts
    First four

    I haven’t gotten 40s this early in weeks so I’m very excited!
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,115 Posts
    eligur said:
      just a friendly reminder-
    We love how excited you are about the weekly Show Your Style events! However, the threads tend to be long and we want to make it easier for forum users to scroll through and read the discussion. To streamline the posts, we suggest removing the picture(s) if you want to quote another player's post. You can simply react to the post or tag their name and write a comment. Keep in mind that many people read the forum on their phone and this way you can catch up faster! If you have any other ideas to improve the forum experience, let us know.

    i dont want to not follow rules or things like this, but personally i like seeing pictures in quotes because it helps me remember what the looks were or what someone was talking about. i’d rather it take up more space than have to scroll back few pages to hopefully find what everyone was talking about.. but that’s just my personal opinion 😅 

    This was never a rule. It was a request by Kalinda to try and streamline the thread and not unnecessarily repeat pictures. It's up to the poster to decide if its an unnecessary repeat or not.
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  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    @clarizzo congrats! its such a hard dye to get even with the dye boxes 😢
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
    @AliBryant oh no!! were those the dyes you were looking for?? i bet you were fuming!! the dye boxes are such a scam 😭 
  • RoxxxieRoxxxie Registered Users, Member 403 Posts

    La pitre résistance!! 🤡
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  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    @Tyranda I used that dress a couple times and it scores ok! I used to use the hair constantly I use the clutch every sys and in daily looks as well 
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    I was 1st for a good while with another doll and then the doll in 2nd really felt the need to jump 140 points ahead 👍🙄 It’s late and I’m tired so I’m feeling real salty right now lol
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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,843 Posts
    It finally happened! I got two diamonds while voting! I was so excited I couldn't even get a screenshot lol
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  • TyrandaTyranda Registered Users, Member 253 Posts
    edited July 2020
    Thank you @LindaVB for letting me copy your look, finally got 50 points after a really bad start 🤗

  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    @SamanaKKH I voted for her too and totally agree I knew it was a forum doll just wasn’t sure who! 
  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    edited July 2020
    @SamanaKKH ahh thank you so much for the vote!!! 💖 I really loved that look but it only did okay 

    Edit: @mandamay76 just saw you comment and thank you also!! 🤗
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  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 428 Posts
    Dont know how much more rainbow my looks could possibly be, but I’m doing what I want the rest of the event. Given up on being top 5. 

  • clarizzoclarizzo Registered Users, Member 732 Posts
    i’ve noticed nothing but 100-150 kash as a reward in the booth. what gives, @GluAdmin? 😒
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  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    @kaydencekkh I loooove both of those looks 
  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    First 6 looks. I’ve been scoring quite well. Currently tied at first place with a TB so I’m not expecting to finish first 😞 but at least I’ll be top five for sure. 

    Your last 3 looks are so gorgeous 😍 you're making me mad I didn't chase green ombré hair lol 
  • cheychey Registered Users, Member 109 Posts
    Not doing great, but in sixth and hoping I can climb into the top five. I really feel like I’ve done something with my next look, but we’ll see lol  

    Also here’s a few dolls from the booth that I thought were just GORGEOUS 😍

  • KingReyy7KingReyy7 Registered Users, Member 220 Posts
    So I’ve pretty much run out of multicolored clothes and was thinking about sending out a monotone look. How have those scored for other dolls? What’s the best color to use?
    I did this look and it scored pretty well. 

  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    I’m kind of upset about this look. It was my favorite one I submitted but I guess the voters didn’t like it
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  • clarizzoclarizzo Registered Users, Member 732 Posts
    @woahbabesursotoxic i voted for you! ☺️🌈
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