KK:H WeekDay TB Event 7/27/20- Closing the book on July, Just about!



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    UVtears said:
    Hey, whatever happened to the TB gift boxes you could buy? Like, 3 at most? Is it just me, or did they remove the feature? I haven't bought all the items, either, because I know there's a set amount of boxes. This is what I mean, its gone:

    OH MY GOD this makes me so upset. I have been playing this game since the first day it came out and I have stayed an avid player to this day. I have shamefully spent my own money buying stars and also my boyfriends money bc he would give me iTunes cards to buy energy so I would stop setting an alarm at 3am to finish a 5star gig. Lol
            But since I’ve played since day 1, I acquired most of the the throwback items when they were current, which has led to this as my box line up every week because glu rarely adds new things. So now I lose the chance to open a box in hopes of clothing. GLU PLEASE STOP BEING STINGY WITH TB ITEMS FOR YOUR DAY ONES!!!!!

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