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  • milristmilrist Registered Users, Member 380 Posts
    Nikki114 said:
    Sorry if this had already been shared

    Do you guys think we'll get a waiter tray(idk how it's called sorry) in the retro diner sys?😊
    I'm a waitress lol
  • UnwinterUnwinter Registered Users, Member 584 Posts
    @milrist omg same! Hello fellow waitress 😊😊 I think it's a pizza on a plate? Really excited for that theme! 
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  • sherrywinesherrywine Registered Users, Member 175 Posts
  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    @robertavyy I’m the first doll! Thank you for including me 
  • milristmilrist Registered Users, Member 380 Posts
    @Unwinter Hiiiii!!!! You' re right, now when I take a closer look it appears to be a plate😊
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    Looks 4-8. Welp that 47 was short lived. My lowest score is the earnable dress if that’s any indication on how this event is going for me lmao I feel like I’m wasting handhelds at this point 

  • therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts

    I want that curly hair so bad
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts
    I am SO excited for the Leather and Lace SYS because that’s my whole aesthetic irl 😍😍😍 I have a few items that could work for it and the other themes are gonna be a struggle too 🥴 excited for them regardless! Thanks to everyone who posted about it, since I haven’t received a single email for the newsletter even though I’m signed up for it
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  • SaigeAnneSaigeAnne Registered Users, Member 449 Posts
    @chloelenee I took a not so short while, my apologies! I’m a spontaneous person, and spontaneously decided to go get a haircut and then I had lunch.
    Here are some ideas for the Retro Diner SYS:
    I made 50s oriented looks, so short, curled hair, along with flared skirts and polka dots. The 50s were near the middle of the sailor-style trend. I did a Sandy-inspired look from Grease just for fun.

    For the Leather and Lace SYS, I took leather and lace literally, and just used items that had both leather and lace material in them. There are obviously a lot more options, but I just wanted to give an idea.

  • chloeleneechloelenee Registered Users, Member 58 Posts
    @SaigeAnne these are great! Thank you for putting these together! I really appreciate. I was at such a loss when I looked at my kloset. 
  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,589 Posts
    HannahKKH said:
    I’m bored and procrastinating so I decided to do some inspo for the upcoming themes!

    Midnight Magic:

    Retro Diner:

    Leather & Lace:
    Those are gorgeous! Where did the hair in #6 in Leather and Lace come from? I love it so much cause that's how my hair is irl. I'm excited for L&L since my entire wardrobe is 95% black things.😂🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • datesaremyfavedatesaremyfave Registered Users, Member 358 Posts
    @BooskiBabii that’s from a kollection! I think cloud 9 with the wings one
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts
    @BooskiBabii it’s in the bundle from the Cloud 9 Kollection!
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  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,071 Posts
    Looks 7-9, look 10 better receive 54 looks to keep this pattern going 🤪

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  • BeckyTXo1239BeckyTXo1239 Registered Users, Member 397 Posts
    Here’s all of my looks I used for this SYS 
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  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    Can we just.... is that a coca cola ???? 😍😍 

  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    @dpeters you’re scores are ok to me !
    But you’re right they definitely deserve higher scores 😊

    @luna54 welcome and your outfits looks great !

    @HannahKKH @SaigeAnne thanks for the inspiration, great looks ! 😊
  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 410 Posts
    Looks five to eight. Scores are very slowly improving. I'm so in love with the earnable dress!

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  • HeyEllaHeyElla Registered Users, Member 79 Posts
    Looks 7-9:
    Casual, Gown and Mini dress :)

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