Best items for professional points?

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Hello dolls! I’m kind of a newbie since I started playing on April so I wanted to know: what are the clothes that get you the most professional points? I’m aware of the basic items and the furniture but they can get pricey and I just never use them so Do you have any tips for this? Thanks dolls! Happy playing ☺️


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    I think that the more pricy it is, the more it’s giving you professional bonuses. Items that get you professional bonus are those that have a little star on the right. Hope that helps!

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    Cars and furniture do too 😊
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    sometimes you can also purchase some pets that might give you some professional points but you would have to purchase them in their homes instead of the closet
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    You can purchase the car in the Hollywood apartment garage. I don't remember how many, but it gives a lot of points and is definitely worth it in my opinion. 
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    Items like this in the closet will give you most. Where it’s one with a bunch of color options. I’ve paid 60kstars for dresses and gotten like 2 stars back but if it has a bunch of color variations that’s the trick
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    Definitely buy the car it’s 20000 kash if I remember correctly and it’ll give you lots of stars. The older clothes that you can buy with kash in the closet will give you stars too. Furniture are good too. 
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    The car, the jet, furniture and buy all the cash clothes you can :)
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    I just remembered a very important tip for professional points.
    Try to avoid doing reality shows if you can.
    They raise the bar quickly for the professional points you need on every gig(it's an overall number that goes up every time you do a gig).
    I'm gonna tag @Victorian (I'm sorry if this is creepy). I saw your comment in one of the threads about your prof points, as I just remembered this fact I didn't tell you about it at that moment.
    You could also do 12h gigs at kardash soho, to get kash and not gain any additional prof point requirements.
    This is what I did when I got stuck with mine points and didn't have enough kash to keep up.
    Hope this helps❤️
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    @milrist not creepy at all, thanks for informing me doll 💕
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