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Hi all! 
I don’t know if there’s another similar thread but I want to ask what kind of gifts that you received from your spouse? Is it different from one person to another depends on your spouse rank or what? 
So far I only get bracelet and earring from my ex boyfriend that Kim set me up and then I got pink shoes from my current husband. I read from the forum that you also get hairstyle and dress? I never got them even tho we already have two babies and our relationship is maxed. Is there anything to do to trigger your spouse giving you gifts?
Tysm for answering this.


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    In order for your spouse to send you gifts, you need to complete the lovers achievement by going with them on dates: the current max is level 10. Depending on the level, you get different gifts from your partner, and every player gets the same items.
    In order to see all the gifts you can receive from your partner, just tap in the search bar on the forum "Lovers Achievement List" and a thread should pop up (can't post the link to it as it needs approval). Hope that helps!
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    Hello!! I have received earrings and a ring from a boyfriend and then when I got married a pair of shoes.
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    Here you can find a list of the different items and the requirements to get them!
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    I received a nice black watch and a black ring  B)
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