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    @AliBryant something has changed for sure - the wedding theme a couple months back my average was 56 I have one look this week that scores above 50! And it was my first look! Chooky posted almost identical look for 38 maybe! Last week I did decent but not what I was scoring before this past update ... I got 37 on the sunshine theme on something at the backyard bbq got me 55... They had to do something to the algorithm or how many times we get seen. Or maybe because so many dolls upgraded their faces our scores are just lowering because of that 
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    @mandamay76 Yeah, It just doesn't feel normal, something has to have changed. The last two events I even had a 60 in each of them, but overall it was a super struggle to score consistently 50+.
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    Lia888 said:
    Just getting around to posting this. Spotted the lovely @therealChar in the voting booth earlier this morning who was also the popular vote. Love your look! I’m always interested to know who I’m matched up with in the voting booth to see if I really deserved that 30’s something score lol. 😂 

    On a related note, I know that we don’t technically lose a vote when some clicks “get this look” but I think it’s a potential missed vote since there was something that sparked interest to click. I wish there was a way to go back and give that doll the vote after the items are viewed. Sometimes you only see that doll once while others may circulate around 2-3 times during voting.

    Edit: typo

    ☺😍 thanks for spotting me ♡ i totally agree! 
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    @mandamay76 @AliBryant totally agree with you girls!
    Right now the algorithm is a weird mixture: the scores are as low as they were in the Weekday SYS, the first ~3 looks severely underscore, yet the time of processing the looks is ~40 mins, as always.
    Something is fishy! 
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    @Jessica_KKH is this you or did I tagged a wrong person? If so, you're really killing it with your looks I'm inlove😍 (been monitoring the top 5 looks especially yours) and you guys at top 5 deserves your position since most of you are on theme I don't think I'll have a chance to those lips, kinda liking it now that you can change it's color tbh.
    OMG THAT'S ME!🙈💞
    Thank you so much, i'm trying really hard!👉👈
    Hope you get those lips!👁👄👁
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    Lalisa said:
    I feel like everyone missed what I edited before anyone responded to my comment. It’s probably a bot flu has had bots in sys events before and still do, on top of that think about it if you could hack clothes hair dresses etc you could hack sys event items too so why would you participate if you already have the items? It just doesn’t make sense to me, now it could be someone who SOMEHOW can hack the hair but I doubt it as I’ve never heard of that since I’ve started playing a long time ago. Hackers hack k stars and energy per every thing I’ve seen as far as fab posts but I’ve never heard of someone being able to acquire actual items before they’re released, please educate with proof that someone has hacked an actual item if I’m wrong/// I’m not saying it WASNT a hacker but I’ve never heard of someone hacking an item ever in my years of playing

    basically what I’m trying to get at is seeing something and automatically assuming or in this case blaming it on a hacker is ridiculous. I can understand questioning it but everyone is so quick to blame it on a hacker vs a bot. Like you’re assuming at this point without factual evidence. The point is don’t act like you KNOW the answer to something like you found a diamond in a rough when you don’t actually know anything 100%
    If people missed your edit it's because you think people on the other side of the planet get things a day earlier than Americans, which isn't how time zones, or time, or the planet works lol. Its common sense. 

    Obviously people aren't going to advertise that it can be done because that would be stupid.  I have seen people with unreleased items, and saying they can get unreleased items, it's just less common. There is as much proof for that as there is for it being a bot. Why do you act like you KNOW its a bot?
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    Can someone explain why you think we vote for each other in real time? Maybe Glu gave us an explanation or an official comment about it. I can't stop thinking about it 🤯
    And some of my thoughts about the voting booth ⬇️

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    I started a side doll and I'm on level 12. For some reason, I thought SYS started at level 14. So when I checked it last night I was shocked I had it on my other game. I barely have anything on that one, so I submitted a basic look which got 37..(more than my main, since I'm getting mid/upper 20's).. I'm 3rd there with the #1 having only 130 points. It seems like the later I start, the better the TS group is. It's other dolls who  don't have much either and no ticket buyers. 😮 

    Has anyone else started like 12 hours late and put in a chill group? This is the first time thinking this since I always start on time with my main.
    I don't think it's from starting late, but because you are such a low level, and your TS group is likely also a low level. I played a 2nd game for a little while and it was super easy to get 1st while under about level 18. Everyone else was new and while we had the same wardrobe I already knew how SYS worked and knew what items to avoid submitting etc. 
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    I was hoping that I will be in top 5, because I love this TS lips, but something is weird with votes, like TBs just appear from nowhere. Now I really consider leaving the game, because SYS is the main reason I play this game, but things became so weird and crazy idk 😫
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    this is me trying...

  • ciaraxciarax Registered Users, Member 334 Posts

    don’t mind me I’m just here to post my mediocre score 😳✌🏼
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    ☠️ LOL i stay off the forum for a little bit and come back to this? This forum is in shambles 😂
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    cazmulgs said:
    Ermmmm so why am I seeing the top TS prize in the voting booth?! 
    I just saw that doll too!
  • lilkimlilkim Registered Users, Member 42 Posts
    @cazmulgs how the hell is this possible?😱
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    edited August 2020
    this forum is INSANE! I visit the SYS-thread once in a while, and the drama never ceases to amaze me! debating religious fanatics AND time travelers on a kim kardashian game forum? you can’t make this s... up 😂😂😂
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    cazmulgs said:
    Ermmmm so why am I seeing the top TS prize in the voting booth?! 

    Omg. That's it. I was giving people the benefit of the doubt but what is this??? 
    I’m actually so mad that I made an account on here to tell you guys! I‘ve been lurking for a few weeks now and read the threads about possible bots and this makes it worse!
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    Observe how the admins will try to cover this by giving us free tickets again 🤡
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    I’d like the discussion about religion to stop at this moment.
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 27,546 Posts
    I’d like the discussion about religion to stop at this moment.

    Please Stop talking about religion
    and stop talking about hacking.
    🦋Purple Headed  ♊+  🥥 Chick Playing iOS & Android 🦋
    🙅I Am NOT a Glu Employee🙅
    🌟If you see a problematic post please dm the link🌟

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