🎆 KK:H Update v11.2 - MidSummer Fun 👗🎆



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    We’re also changing how you can customize your eyes. This will make it easier to change your eye color and your eye shadow color. You will also be able to change some eye shadow colors for fancy eye makeup in the glam category. This will probably be easier to understand in the wardrobe and we hope you like it!

    So what fancy eye makeup was added that you can change the shadow color? I looked and its just the ones that you could befor and u still have to put the standerd eyes on first to change the color... i was mainly looking forward to changing the shadows color and tht hasnt changed 😕.... false hopes 
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    Nah I dont agree they look like last minute designs, wouldn't even spend the game cash on it
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    Decided to hop on your train @kaydencekkh 💖 I apologize in advance for my editing skills 
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    I insist, we should mass spam support with our demands 🤡 but let's agree first on the terms in here 🤣
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    livyx said:

    Rocking the orange colour with @kaydencekkh @buriteri and Kiara KKH 🌅🧡🍊
    @livyx This click is adorable, thanks for including me!  o:)
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    New skirt and shoes with @thelifeofRaeRae  @LindaVB

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    edited August 2020
    I insist, we should mass spam support with our demands 🤡 but let's agree first on the terms in here 🤣
     I already message support  lol. 
    I'm so disappointed in this update. I can't afford to spend money on this game, I have wanted to and have considered it, but right now I definetly can't afford to.
    Over half the items added to the closet in this update cost diamonds... And they cost more than they do in the voting booth. We should have a way to earn more than 3 a week if we're expected to buy these items. Also super disappointed...yet not at all surprised that the free kollection hasn't been added for all players. 
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