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    Can anyone explain to me what is the free kollection? I think I missed that in one of the threads that I did not see☹️
  • astaasta Registered Users, Member 188 Posts
    2ftpoop said:
    asta said:

    so the last few updates has amounted to ill-fitting diaper shorts, but now that the prices are higher, they actually put in an effort??
    And those are copy and pasted from The Kendall and Kylie game!!!!!!! They didn’t even bother to fit them to our dolls who have a smaller body

    I mean... It’s literally so lazy?? The current crisis is a of course a very legitimate excuse, but then the burst of creativity just seems sus, in light of the heightened prices...
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    jhabs said:
    To me, when kalinda says “the team” reads the forum, I’m envisioning the artists, designers, coders (maybe lol), employees at that level. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think those employees would really have a lot of input in terms of what we receive in a specific update. I think they’re the ones that carry out the vision- they get told what to do basically. A lot of times, the employees on the “front lines” (I.e actually dealing with the customer) have more knowledge of how the customer is feeling, but don’t have the authority to actually carry out changes that would make the customer happy.

    Usually the ones that do have that power are kind of removed from direct interaction with the customer. I’m assuming the people who make decisions for the game are at a higher level and I’m assuming they’re people who are focused more on numbers- when people are spending more, player engagement, things like that. They’re probably looking at trends in numbers and revenue. I don’t wanna tel people how to spend their money, but if you’re buying diamonds right now, the high-up person at glu for KKH will see that data and know that introducing diamond items to the kloset made you buy diamonds. we can voice our concerns on here all day, but honestly you really do communicate with your wallet when it comes to this game.
    Yup 🙃 im gonna stick with no buy no matter how i want those lips. I think ill feel way better earning them in the 4 months ill need to get them
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    @mikaylachimo exactly!! I was waiting for the update to see what will i do but after this i spent the money elsewhere , on other things that will actually make me happy 
    another point : we used to get handhelds and dyes as gifts from kalinda , why do they think it’s okay and we’re gonna accept the fact that they’re now for diamonds and just move on ? 
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 1,942 Posts
    I got a chance to check in the game and disapointment is an understatement
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    I didn't receive any updates
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    kkhsimone said:
    Trying to keep my sanity and not complain as much as I want to by making memes🤷🏽‍♀️😄
    *oops I wanted to say THEM not THEN 😄
    It’s a harsh truth.
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    edited August 13
    removing since the post i was speaking about has been removed ....
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    On a lighter note,in case it hadn't already been pointed out,the Predictive Bullhorn is back!!!!! 🎉 
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    BellaKKH said:
    So if it’s correct that other Glu employees read the forum, I do hope that includes Glu support bc every time we write to them they seem completely oblivious to our issue/request. Like when something goes wrong in SYS, they often mistake this game setting for a completely different Glu game. Can they be invited to read the forum as this is beyond frustrating 
    Does anyone have a screenshot of a support email? Don’t post the email, but can you post what it says under their signature (Like whether they’re a glu employee or not?) It wouldn’t surprise me if they employed contractors to handle support 
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    Can someone please show this hairstyle? 
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    @yezx I think it is this hair that you get with the Jen / Mario storyline. Bear in mind this was a good few years ago  
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