Wth is with the new shity update

misskitten420misskitten420 Registered Users, Member 38 Posts

Question why the **** did u give us a survey  for stuff we want in the dam game.  Then not do any of it.  Then make it to wear u add  items  for diamonds. But we don't get to earn diamonds.   Expect  on the weekend sys witch  is only ducking 3 diamonds.  U should give us a **** option to earn diamonds  in videos  like u do we k stars. @KalindaKing


  • cdm1947cdm1947 Registered Users, Member 62 Posts
    I work for a consulting firm and I can assure it's too early to get any useful data from the survey. Depending on how many users actually completely it, it's most likely still in early stages of data collection. So as crap as this update is, it wasn't going to have anything to do with the survey. I know this won't make you feel better but I wouldn't expect any real changes based on the survey for a few months. xo
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  • MissCristinaMissCristina Registered Users, Member 432 Posts
    I wanna retake the survey. I felt put on the spot, I didn’t take it during the weekend SYS at my prime level of hate and suggestion, I was still riding my winning high place and the calm after the storm. Plus it kept freezing and I lost things. 
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