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    @autumn313 thank you!
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    kittykatx said:
    Libby said:
    I came here to post about this SYS but reading the comments took away my mojo. 

    I’m really tired of all the comments being complaining, recently.  But now Glu also is not helping and fuelling the fire.  
    Must be nice to have nothing to complain about 🙄🙄🙄
    I haven’t been picked for the weekly SYS, either, and it pisses me off for having to be left out of it again. My comment was mainly towards Glu for not helping the situation and making things worse. 
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    edited August 2020
    Weekday Show Your Style events are coming back for 11.2! The next one starts on Monday and the theme will be Celebrity Wedding Guest. We will continue testing the new event structure and it will work the same way as before. If you were picked for the Weekday Show Your Style test, then you will get the next 3 events too.
    Sooo... What’s happening to the players that haven’t been picked? Do we not get a few diamonds, K-Stars, Gifts?...

    This is starting to get VERY frustrating.... why are we who are playing the game being treated differently to other players? 


    It’s UNFAIR.....
    If this continues, I’ll be deleting the app, straight up.... 🤔🤬

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    Don’t know if I’ve just missed these eyes somewhere? But can’t remember seeing them anywhere, does anyone know where they are from? Thanks dolls 😘 
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    Don't use summer dresses gals. Stick to swimsuits 🙄
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    @Natalie_kkh it's from a Kollection!
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    @Natalie_kkh it's from a Kollection!
    Thank! Defo must have missed them, or not looked properly. Love them 😍 hopefully I’ll get that collection back soon 🤞🏻 xxx
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    Don’t know if I’ve just missed these eyes somewhere? But can’t remember seeing them anywhere, does anyone know where they are from? Thanks dolls 😘 
    They are from a kollection,unfortunately i dont have a picture
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    First four looks. 

    I play on iOS
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    At this point I really can't bother anymore with saying what is on my mind. I have my first exam on Monday and I'm stressing out since I've had a rough couple of months. I'm even debating giving my game away, I'm sooooo done with this treatment, I really wish this company was more transparant. 

    Yay to me for getting a stressful event again? I know I sound very ungrateful, but I really don't even want it and wouldn't mind it if the other half got the trial. I really hope other players get at least the missed diamonds, because ngl, I'll probably only play for those.

    Edit: I swear, if those boxes still contain energy, I'm deleting this game.
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    @livyx I agree with everything you said about glu and the midweek sys. As for the difference between your scores, it happens to me all the time, including in the same sys. I dont think its algorithm or anything from glu, I think its just who we get paired with and the voters. Sometimes the same look scores 35 and 55 and thats pretty normal to me actually. 

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    @brunakkh of course, my votes differ in the same SYS for the same looks too, but I found it really strange that my scores so drastically dropped the last SYS... Seeing many dolls experiencing the same thing really made me question how the voting booth works, because if I was an isolated example, I would just think that it’s my pairing in the voting booth and the voters. My scores this SYS aren’t that bad tho, they’re actually okay for so early in SYS (I always score low for the first 2 or 4 looks for some reason). Just wanted to give my feedback as I saw many dolls talk about this issue, but I actually thought that my scores will differ even more, so it was a positive surprise lol
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    Playing it safe, but it’s going okey 😅 happy time brake 50 this early tho! That hasn’t happened in a while now 🙃
    need 7 more diamonds to get the ombré lips, which I’ve been waiting for since I saw them when I started playing back in February! (Where’s my compensation Glu?)

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    Ok seriously why are the votes so low this sys? And they are coming in quickly too like with the weekday sys. Is this suspicious to anyone else? Or am I just thinking too much about it?
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    I think casual themes generally score lower because there aren't as many clothing options so dolls are more evenly paired in the voting booth. 
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    finally a diamond from voting, after two months.🙃 tbh it feels like i’ve been starving with three diamonds a week, seeing the lucky dolls earn double. i’ve never seen a company being spoon fed by their players every week on everything they need to improve on. glu you have so many options available to you!!
    -diamond business, or if they’re that lazy TWEAK an already existing business
    -increase voting odds of winning a diamond
    -replace a tile in kollections
    -even better just COMPENSATE those of us who are missing six weeks straight of rewards.

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    @livyx ohh okay! I just said that because almost every sys someone says that their votes were different for the exact same look so glu must have done something, but they dont consider that this has happened since ever.
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    I’m never trying anything new again 😂😂😭😭 dying the swimsuits in every colour it is 
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    Ohemilie said:
    I’m never trying anything new again 😂😂😭😭 dying the swimsuits in every colour it is 
    if it makes you feel any better i got an 18 last night while i was actually wearing a swimsuit lmao ( + my next 4 looks ended up in the 20s) .Needless to say i'm giving up,there has to be something wrong with the voting.
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