🗳️🔁 SYS-TB 9/21/20 - Rock Concert Revisited! -🎹🎸🏟️



  • SerenaWoodsSerenaWoods Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    @woahbabesursotoxic & @soundspretty thanku both sooo much!!! 🥰😩 well as the majority of these are from sys events I’ll probably get them after I’ve maxed out my limit of receiving dyes and energy from the tb sys boxes🥳🙃!
  • MayaaMayaa Registered Users, Member 94 Posts
    I'm happy I picked an item😌

  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    @SerenaWoods ur so welcome 💕
    iOS🖤. Doll (Holly) 🍒
  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 250 Posts

    I can’t seem to break 50 this time but am having fun with the theme!
  • JJthedrummer83JJthedrummer83 New Member Registered Users 69 Posts
    found the lips in the voting booth and i really like them.
    sorry not sorry that they look weird in some of the poses
    hollywood bitch so fake she seems real
  • eden_eden_ Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    First box! Not my favorite BUT at least it’s an item! Wootwoot!! 🙌🏼✨🥳

  • JadeLaMunecaJadeLaMuneca Registered Users, Member 421 Posts

    Late uploading this because I've been at the beach all day! Had such a good time. Anyways this is my first palette and I hate that I didn't pick the hair colour.
  • eden_eden_ Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    edited September 2020
    Edit: Oops.. it posted twice
  • Nath_2019Nath_2019 Registered Users, Member 512 Posts
    First box ;p
    •Playing KKH since August/19
    English isn't my first language
    •Nathalia in the game
    •iOS ❣ 20y

  • thatgalbiathatgalbia Registered Users, Member 392 Posts

    i seriously don’t get why TB boxes have only 3 dye, like seriously ?? and on top of that, the first two boxes during TB week ALL HAVE DYE. 
  • GingerkkhGingerkkh Registered Users 96 Posts

    1st box at least I picked 5 dye & not 3 or the energy. To be honest I am over throwback sys this week...between ticket buyers & getting 1 score in the low 40s and the rest in the 30s  & gowns winning the popular vote over on theme looks... I'm ready for next week where it will be more of the same.
  • julia19julia19 Registered Users, Member 773 Posts
    My palette was pretty good but I picked dye 😭

    Instagram: juliakkh19
  • MissMissy0717MissMissy0717 Registered Users, Member 130 Posts

    Okay this is rude. I’m way too new for this to be my pallette. 👎🏼
  • Beth0401Beth0401 Registered Users, Member 322 Posts
    My favourite look so far has the lowest votes ironic 

  • karlamonteskarlamontes Registered Users, Member 39 Posts

    My first box!
  • JenniferKKHollywoodJenniferKKHollywood Registered Users, Member 327 Posts
    @robertavyy I voted for that look! Such an amazing look and of course the popular pick 🥰
    iOS player 🌸
    English is not my first language so I apologize for my grammar 🙈
    Add me on facebook (let me know who you are on the forum if the names/picture don’t match)

  • Beth0401Beth0401 Registered Users, Member 322 Posts
    First box , doubt I’ll reach the last with how terrible my scores are doing but I needed black dye for midnight in Milan so I ain’t even mad 

  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,036 Posts
    @JenniferKKHollywood  thank you so much! 🥰
    iOS doll 
    English is not my first language ☺️
  • Kaitlyn231Kaitlyn231 Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    First box. I'm not crazy about the hair but 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • samaaanthaaasamaaanthaaa Registered Users, Member 973 Posts

    Finally got one of the last items I need that’s available to win. If it wasn’t for diamonds I’d probably not even bother with weekday SYS. Unless TS gets updated it’s kind pointless for older players who have all the earnables. Ever since the beginning of this year though, I barely ever won 1st in TS. At least in the time these prizes were available I generally won 2-3 first prizes a month. 
  • sardelis09sardelis09 Registered Users, Member 95 Posts

    Looks 3-5, really enjoying this theme!
    Android player since March 2020
    On a spending strike until they give everyone 20 videos per day
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 2,026 Posts
    edited September 2020
    Now that I no longer have an extra ticket, I'm not a fan of having see my TS rank all the time. It's worst when I'm in the top 5 for most of the event because then it's more disappointing if I don't finish in it.
    Platform: Android
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