🎆v11.4 Update - Kim's Birthday/Halloween/Oh Boy!🎂🎃🎇



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    dpeters said:
    Can someone please tell me if we don't get a free Halloween box from Kalinda this year? 
    Nope Glu are just focused on getting as much money from us as possible this year 
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    Also adding to what I said , I really want all of us to get 20 videos a week . I would still spend the same amount I usually do on the game, and would be happier spending my money for a game that rewards us back.
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    @garibelala @Beth0401 awww this sucks, I haven't caught up with the thread yet so I thought I was missing something and kept changing locations hoping for a call 😔
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    I decide to open a box, and got this dog in basket... ( yeah its cute but not what I was expecting from halloween, also there wasn’t any cool items...sooo anyway) What’s up with the shoulder? Is that normal, I don’t think so. 
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    Lol no free boxes....Chile what
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    With a twist

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    jhabs said:
    PixiDust said:
    rach89 said:
    It’s only the first day so I think we should give the update a chance. Not getting a free gift box is unfortunate but it seems they are trying something new.. as Kalinda said we are getting free gifts throughout the month. So I think we should wait and see!
    we got free gift during christmas time and got a free gift box so it’s not glu trying something new it’s just them taking away our free gb 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m actually shook that people are defending the decision to NOT give a free box😂😂 
    I’m not defending Glu, I wish we got a free gift box too. I’m simply stating that it’s the first day of the update and we have no idea what’s coming. A cat outfit and other gifts, could end up being better then taking a random pick and getting something you dislike.. which is typically my luck anyway. 

    Edit** I think we should get a free gift box, don’t get me wrong!! Sometimes games make changes and do things differently. Does it suck? Yes! I’m just saying it’s literally day 1 and we don’t know what they are doing in place of the free gift box or what the update has in store so I’m suggesting we wait it out and see what we end up getting. I’m not out here trying to argue or start a debate, I’m trying to be optimistic and look on the bright side which is often harder to do than to just be negative about everything. So regardless gb or not I’m excited to see what’s in store and that’s my personal feeling on the situation. 
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    serahyyy said:
    I think a cozy night is all the 40 kstars give 

    And no, my stingy ass didn't spend on it
     O M G Cassio it's a s*x worker? 
    omg @kkh_clarice I’m screaming 
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    Hope we’ll get an opportunity to buy the outfit again if we decline it during the quest! I didn’t buy this outfit now and I hated designer’s and Cassio’s attitude towards my doll. They say - “I’m disappointed.” Well, I didn’t ask for this outfit either!!! And I need some time to think whether to buy it or not. 
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