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Is anyone else having issues with the game since the Halloween update? I have to completely restart my phone every time I open the game. If I restart my phone it’ll open fine and I can play fine but if I close the game and try to go back in it won’t start and I have to restart my phone again. 


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    Hey, I’m sorry you’re facing issues even my game was crashing, it’s still crashing for a lot of members

    there are a few things you can do:

    1. go to forum’s home -> FAQ and support -> and post on the Glitch: Game crashing since update thread with your doll’s info like how it’s prompted on the first page (I’d have linked the post but for some reason my comment awaits moderation if I ever post a link to even another thread)

    2. if you have your game ID, dm it to @KalindaKing (sorry for the ping kalinda)

    3. swiping close any music app has helped some people too so maybe you can try closing that if that’s open 

    what worked for me was reinstalling the game but i won’t recommend doing that because it definitely has a risk margin if you haven’t saved your game through game center or facebook or if you’re generally unsure and don’t wanna risk losing data, I’m really sorry you’re facing these issues and the team is working on it :c 
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    Hi. We have a gltch thread in FAQ   I'm sorry this is happening. A member has suggested rebooting the network, I don't know if that works.  Why not go check out that thread, and I'll close this one. 
    Support is aware and the team has been working on this non stop.
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