🗳️🎂 SYS 10/15/20 - Kim's Birthday Bash! Dress Up and Vote! 🍹🎁



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    Thank you🥰💖
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    ready to celebrate!
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    The NYE 2018 dress looking at me as I get ready to submit it in yet another defacto gown SYS:

    Lol! Which one is the NYE 2018 dress? If it wasn't for the forum I would be so lost. 
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    Thank you so much @KalindaKing ! 🎈✨
    I’ve wanted a balloon since so long ! Saw other dolls with the heart balloon and other kinds of balloons made me jealous, now I have my own 😊🎈

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    @viola yea, what was said above! the SYS doesn’t put you into a group until you submit a ticket! so the only cons will be missing out on some of the earnables and there’s always the possibility of a TB
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    Thank you @KalindaKing !!
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    Thank you @KalindaKing! I love it ♥️
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    I'm so happy we got the balloon! Thank you Kalinda!🎈
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    Christmas lover 🎄 
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    pettybutprogressive said:
    Lol! Which one is the NYE 2018 dress? If it wasn't for the forum I would be so lost. 
    Hey! I posted a pic of it in page 10 of this thread. It is a blue dress and dyes really pretty (the one in the pic is the aquamarine dye btw)
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    Thank you @KalindaKing 🧡
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    Ready 😊
    thank you for the gift...
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    @viola I've actually already decided on doing this as well for this sys. I'm thinking of starting as late as Sunday even, because I don't care for either of the earnables but I really want those wings. As others have said above me, I'm not sure if I'm missing something in what you said, but you can still play the game regardless of whether you've submitted a look in SYS or not. So you can still have the same amount of time to get the party event earners, and you can still collect your daily video awards. Just don't submit a look for SYS until you're ready. 
    Additionally, the last time I started late to ensure I'd get top 5 it worked out pretty well for me. I was still able to reach the diamond earnables as well, I started on Friday at midnight
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    I still wish it was a costume party tho 😭
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    I hope these score well😇
  • sandraliissandraliis Registered Users, Member 409 Posts
    @Victorian They yet again didn't even bother to change the icon, I love glu lmao! I didn't even notice:D  I'm really glad we got the ballon instead of the lingerie, I bet the lingerie won't have a ts icon!
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    Thanks for the balloon. Since I keep getting champagne dye and most of the clothing looks too bright with it, I'm at least dying it with that one so I can keep using that one and the heart balloon.
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    @viola I admitted this a few sys back and I still had two major tbs in my ts group, so that's my experience..
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  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 722 Posts
    @Sahana I remember on my 2nd game, I reached level 12 on a Sunday morning and was able to play SYS. I submitted a look but was never placed in a group and therefore didn't have a chance to get any of the TS prizes. Idk if this was a glitch, but I figured it was because it was too late and not enough dolls were joining. (It was also a male doll so maybe that lessened the chances even more).

    Does anyone else have experience started as late as Sunday?
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    I think we are pre programmed into a group full of potential TS contestants. I notice that I often have the same players i’m against throughout the weeks, they seem to rotate. So I think no matter what happens, you’ll be in a predetermined group unfortunately.
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    viola said:
    I need a really honest advice..
    I don't like the earnable hair but I really really like the wings sooo I had a thought: 
    starting the sys very very late, (friday night when I come home, so 1-2 a.m); for a total of 7 tickets
    - I love the wings and they will be so usefull;
    -in this way I have more possibilities to get 1st place because theoretically the players in the TS group aren't  assiduous so more kstars ecc..
    - there is the possibility to find anyway a TB in the group;
    - I won't play for a day so I will have less time for the party weekend (but I think I would be able to finish it in 2 days);
    - I will lose 20 kstars from the free videos and presumably with 7 tickets I won't reach the 2 diamonds and the 3 kstars from the earnables.
    after this essay here's the question
    AGREE= start the sys late
    LIKE= play as usual the wings don't deserve all of this
    I start a day late EVERY TIME because it works! I usually end up in the top 5 this way and earn the first earnable and more. Just make sure to submit a look every time you have a ticket.
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    @viola I've asked people the same question - if I start late, will there be less ticket buyers? And people have said that it is still random. A lot of TBs also think that starting late will mean less competition, so they are starting late as well. I personally haven't tried but that's what people have told me. 
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    The awkward moment when you show up to Kim’s birthday wearing the same outfit as your besties 😂 nobody I’d rather twin with though @mikaylachimo @VampireBarbie
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    Thank you! 🥺✨

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    @ilikedogs do you usually have TBs in your group when you start late? I normally don’t struggle to get into Top 5, it’s the first place that’s hard to reach😔 
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    Ahh I love it
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