🗳️🎂 SYS 10/15/20 - Kim's Birthday Bash! Dress Up and Vote! 🍹🎁



  • haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 483 Posts
    edited October 2020

  • paulibtpaulibt Registered Users, Member 134 Posts
    edited October 2020
    Looks 3-6 
    At least my group is chill and I'm 3rd... 

    Of course there's a TB, so it's impossible to get the wings 
  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
    edited October 2020
    haylee7 said:

    This isn't the TS prize, I'm assuming it's why you posted it. It's a previous TS prize last Halloween that was also a pair of wings.

    Edit:  I just saw they're also wearing 2 other 1st place TS prizes so I wouldn't have voted for them just because of that lol. 
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  • HazelllllllkkhHazelllllllkkh Registered Users, Member 196 Posts
    @KaylaJ I saw her too! One of the best looks I’ve seen all night lmao

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  • vallvall Registered Users, Member 14 Posts

    Time to grab some popcorn and watch the show unfold 🙃
  • hotpotatohotpotato Registered Users, Member 134 Posts

    Gown, cocktail dress, and something in between...I am so lost with what works but at least it’s consistent😅
  • Saucey387Saucey387 Registered Users, Member 24 Posts

    Hopefully my scores continue to rise, why is this a weekly thing now?
  • thatgalbiathatgalbia Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    anyone have any tips? my highest score is a 39. i tried the NYE gown, cocktail dresses, sparkler & the balloon. i just want the hair 🥺
  • sharonbp95sharonbp95 Registered Users, Member 248 Posts
    should i buy the NYE gown or the butterfly aura? i really want the earnable hair 🥺 i only have the firework aura.

    like: NYE gown
    agree: butterfly aura
    LOL: save the diamonds pooh
    I used both for this look so if you only want them for better votes on this sys I’d save the diamonds, they won’t guarantee you nothing. If you want them because you like them or for future sys then go for it, they’re not working for me right now but you can get great scores out of them on other sys themes (specially the gown).

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  • SpleenSpleen Registered Users 321 Posts
    @naeusts that's not me indeed but she does looks good 😍

  • xoxolovekayxoxolovekay Registered Users, Member 310 Posts
    @thatgalbia I purchased the dress during this sys.... I think my scores are decent. These are looks 5-8  my other looks scored in the mid 30 range 🥴. The voting booth is risky but I would get the dress.

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  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    @kadamisia 😍 they look lovely on your doll, so pretty ! 😊💕
    iOS 😊
  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users 7,422 Posts
    edited October 2020
    My looks 1-8

    I give up, I have no idea what voters want!
    But I’m not stressing as there is OFCOURSE a ticketbuyer in my group so there is no way I’m getting the wings...

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  • sandraliissandraliis Registered Users, Member 409 Posts
    Glad to see some looks finally getting decent scores. Got a chill group and would be first if it wasn’t for an on theme tb.
     iOS 🇪🇪
  • HeyEllaHeyElla Registered Users, Member 95 Posts
    Look 5-8:

  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    Look 3-8

  • kadamisiakadamisia Registered Users, Member 1,086 Posts
    @AmyMimi Thank you so much 🥺❤️
    IOS player
    🦥 English isn't my 1st language 🦥
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    I’m definitely not getting the wings now when the doll in 1st place is almost double my score 🙃 I really wanted them as well 😞 oh well, next time I guess 

    iOS 😊
  • eden_eden_ Registered Users, Member 121 Posts
    Lol this is officially my worst SYS ever because the calls got mixed up and whether or not I put up gowns or cocktail dresses I cannot pass 40 votes.... I won't be able to get the green hair at this rate :L
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 2,268 Posts
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Not super high scores but as long as I get the hair I’m happy 😃

    I play on iOS
  • livyxlivyx Registered Users, Member 832 Posts

    Looks 1-8, I'm really enjoying this theme by using all of my favorite handhelds and cocktail dresses! Unpopular opinion, but I don't really care about the TS wings, so I'm just focusing on having fun 🎀🎉
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  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 554 Posts

    Some looks from the voting booth that I’ve loved over the weekend ✨
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • avadakedavraaavadakedavraa Registered Users, Member 6 Posts

    Hey! this is my first time posting on the forum and I just wanted to show my terrible scores
    Ive tried everything, I even bought the sparkler thinking it would help. last week I was scoring in the high 40s mid 50s so I don't understand
  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
    Enjoying overtaking my TB while it lasts, but it's early morning here 

  • helcabuhelcabu Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    Looks 1-8 - I have to say I’m doing good. I repeated some of the looks because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it 😂 currently first, overrun one TB in my group but I won’t be surprised if she comes first 😅

    iOs player 
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