🗳️🧚‍♀️ SYS 10/22/20 - Fairytale! Let's get sparkly and Twinkly (HBKim)✨🎂



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    Katerina said:
    abasili93 said:
    I'm just going to have a Bubblegum Pink revival for this SYS.
    I haven't a single pair of wings (not that GLU's made us a real chance to get them) and I won't vote for anyone who had the last SYS' wings - I am still mad for all the TBs buying their way to the first prize. 
    This is why I'm afraid of using last week's TS earnable even though I won it without buying tickets and actually forgetting to submit the 14th look, I knew non excessive ticket buyers and people who won it in a chill ts will suffer 🥺

    (I'm not throwing shade at you particularly just to clarify I can imagine how bad your ts mustve been, the problem I'm implying is how no cap on ts/not taking average for score is actually ruining ts prizes)
    @Katerina obviously I was being ironic and I don't think I would have the real chance to make a difference even if I follow my strategy, since wings is going to be on theme and voted by the majority of the voters.
    That said (and obviously It is not personal) I admit that my strategy could appear unfair to those who achieved the first price without extra tickets, but it is as unfair as having four or five TBs in your TS - as it was my case last week.
    So maybe not voting for those wings in particular could mean not to downgrade you, but to prefer other gamers which - like me - just lost the possibility to win last weekend (and also this weekend, cause they don't have items) 'cause some crazy TB just decided to score a 2750 with 28 tickets for assuring them the first prize.
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    Glu I think we should also get weekly quests to earn diamonds because it takes a lot of time to save 25 diamonds for a single dress and below average number of diamonds are given during sys event. I know that the diamonds replaced k-stars as the hottest currency and are not to be given like a freebie but many people would like to get a diamond business or 12 hour gigs to get some diamonds. Thank you!
    I would def do 12 hr shoots for diamonds. I typically cringe whenever I get that long of an assignment but a few diamonds as reward would be nice. Especially because there aren’t many events of this length. 
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    lulula said:
     So this kollecrion FINALLY came into my rotation and I am so desperate for this SYS I blew like 500 KStars for the bundle 😭😭😭 lord help me 

    (of course I got it on my 7th spin 🙄)

    I had this kollection last week and guess what I got? dye and energy. No kidding. I already had the clutch so that was expensive lol
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    These are gorgeous!! So creative 
  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,549 Posts
    @KalindaKing have you met Kim in real life?
    She could have but I remember a year ago she said she didn’t meet her yet but other people connected to her.
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 721 Posts
    letus said:
    lulula said:
     So this kollecrion FINALLY came into my rotation and I am so desperate for this SYS I blew like 500 KStars for the bundle 😭😭😭 lord help me 

    (of course I got it on my 7th spin 🙄)

    I had this kollection last week and guess what I got? dye and energy. No kidding. I already had the clutch so that was expensive lol
    Seriously it’s so bad😭 spending hundreds of KStars for dye and energy is so shady of Glu 
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    thallisa said:
    @jhabs why do you literally call out every person who disagrees or even just “lol”s at your post? Like if you genuinely want to know then message them idk why you do it over the discussion. I’ve seen it multiple times which is why I ask. Everyone has different opinions but instead of being rude about it or feeling the need to comment, people just put ‘lol’ but I don’t understand the need to call out people for deadass putting ‘lol’

    last time the person said it was an accident and like you were very catty immediately and it was apparent the embarrassment that that user felt so like if you’re trying for an answer then DM them but if you’re just calling out anyone with a different opinion then yours and trying to be rude then continue but yikes

    @datesaremyfave The irony of this whole situation where you mention that one girl who confused the reaction button and her being called out for no reason when you basically did the same thing to @jhabs just now... it was me who called out the other girl and I’m the one who usually asks people why they lol my posts. 
    The thing is, when I get lols on my inspo posts or SYS looks, I don’t ask about that because hey, different tastes, maybe someone thinks my doll is ugly etc. I only ask people why they reacted like that when they do it with my posts where I criticize the new update/newly added (and unwanted) features or Glu in general. I even explained that when I admitted I was in the wrong with the girl you had to bring up yesterday for some reason:

    So, if you have anything to say to me, my messages are open, since you’re not a fan of this kind of discussion on the open forum. And same goes to people who agreed with your post because some of you definitely happily agreed with me when I (wrongfully) called out this other person back in September lol funny how things have changed in a whole month and a week. 
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    @gicela I think all three could work depending on what kind of look you submit !! 💞
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    on a spending strike until everyone gets 20 videos ! 🍄🍃
  • gicelagicela Registered Users, Member 260 Posts
    @PixiDust thank you☺️ I’ll definitely try them all and see what happens haha
  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    These are gorgeous!! So creative 
    Thank you 🥰❤️
  • LumsLums Registered Users, Member 207 Posts
    should i spin ? does the halloween boxes will be available when it’s vip week?!
  • dahliababydahliababy Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    Here are some looks I’m planning on submitting. I would love to have some feedback on them so everyone is welcome to comment on them 🤓 Hope I can score well without wings. Excuse the blinkers!

  • Charlotte_DCharlotte_D Registered Users, Member 231 Posts
    I’m completely screwed.. I have no wings at all and I just give up already
  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    Okay, so. I need your help gals - After this post, I’m gonna put up another with 4 other dresses in the same dye. I can’t decide which one! Has to be perfect for this theme!

    For now, vote and then, the outfit with the highest vote will be my choice! 

    1 - Agree 
    2 - Like
    3 - Awesome 
    4 - LOL
  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    Part 2:

    1 - Agree
    2 - Like
    3 - Awesome
    4 - LOL
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    @daniekkh I will! I much prefer the villains lol
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    It won’t be long.  Does every)me know what their 1st look will be?
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  • simoonsimoon Registered Users, Member 231 Posts
    this theme is kinda hard if you don't got any fairy dresses of wings (like me lol) but im glad i don't really like the TS prizes. i do love the earnables! the dress is to die for  <3
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