🗳️🍹SYS: 11/5/20 ~ 80's Prom Night - 1st Event with New SYS Levels!🎓💃🕺



  • JadeLaMunecaJadeLaMuneca Registered Users, Member 517 Posts

    Came 6th and got these shoes in my box which I'm really happy about, I prefer them to all the SYS items. Didn't get a pop up to say my style level had increased though. 
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  • alison31alison31 Registered Users, Member 109 Posts

    came in 3rd! ✨ it was a very chill group 🤗🥰
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 1,279 Posts
    Ended up in 6th. My final two looks didn’t do well think my Jem inspired look went over people’s head. I didn’t get the pop up saying about going up to bronze 2. My box wasn’t great but at least it’s one of the rarer dyes I guess.

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  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    Totally forgot to post this last night due to working on a paper 😅😂 So happy that I didn’t lose my place in the top 5! Never know nowadays what kind of group you’re gonna get and this SYS was NOT easy. Lemme tell you.
  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,995 Posts
    I ended up in 2nd place. I honestly don't know how. I was doing very poor until I found a dress/hair combo that worked and then I started getting high 40's and 50's. I ended up in first for a bit but then she submitted more tickets. Which is okay, I honestly didn't think I'd end up with any prize let alone what I got. 

    I still don't really understand the ranking system so I'm hoping the SYS will help it make more sense. I'm hoping I didn't get screwed by reaching Bronze II
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  • Beth0401Beth0401 Registered Users, Member 417 Posts
    lologslay said:
    If you make top 15 you'll be leveling up bronze ll🥈

    No wonder it frightens free players, y'all will be group with 10x massive TB's this update. I hope they bring back the old TS groups. The Triple Threats will not be worth the 3 tickets (only💎) once we all are in Gold Level. Smh I can already predict the blood bath, I won't chase having no chance! I'm kissing goodbye the chill groups.✌🏼😒

    **Edit inserted a picture 
    I came 3rd but didn’t get this did anyone else not? Will I still level up?
  • Nath_2019Nath_2019 Registered Users, Member 543 Posts

    I can't believe♥♥♥ I don't care about the hair, but I loved the dress and the crown
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  • autumn313autumn313 Registered Users, Member 72 Posts
    Won first place on my side game. I don't think I'll use this hair very often, or the dress actually. Here are my lowest, highest, and fave. I used this hair and another a lot lol. I ended buying the NYE dress this weekend.

    Oh hey @BooskiBabii , we were in the same TS group! I go by the name Zoey in the game. I had a thought that it might be you but I didn't have much time to check the forum. Your looks were beautiful! <3
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