🗳️🔁 SYS Weekday Event - 11/16/20 -Red Carpet Time Again!



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    Uuuuhm... Looks like in the long run i won't care about TS anymore since i'm stuck in Bronze I forever wich means that, if place in number one, i'll get some basic jewerly... Love that for me
    Seriously at this point it feels like this game will stop working for facebook before the year ends,at least they'll let me spend my BF savings
    Edit: Why didn't they just add things for higher ranks and leave the principal stuff for EVERYONE, i mean leave the dress/outfit/hair + something else for bronze I and everyone else, and for higher ranks you add pretty things that makes you wanna go up but not making you feel like it's useless to play SYS if you're not in a high level. For example: bronze I has the outfit/hair for number 1, and then something like a purse or handheld as top 5, and for silver and gold,instead of energy put DIAMONDS,facial feautures, hair colors or ANOTHER dress/hair. Then, instead of taking away from lower ranks, you'll add more things to higher ranks.
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    Hate the hair so not going to get too upset (but yet again... make it averages people will get cut throat over 49.4 and 49.5 averages) AND just reward silver and gold by giving top prizes to top 3 for gold and top 2 for silver and etc for lower prizes. People will STILL buy tickets especially if you do averages with decimals dolls will buy tickets and k-stars for clothes and things they "need"
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    Prize Order - Shoes, Dress
    🥺🥺 It's so pretty. Seriously, this is one earnable that I'm in absolutely in love with. It's been a long time. 😍🥰
    Meh on the hair. It's not my style but it seems so basic to be a ts prize.... dress and necklace are both cute but I have a feeling the silver tier will be brutal.
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    When I hit silver I think I might just start the show your style event later in the week/weekend cause I know it will be all about brutal ticket fights and I want some prizes at least.
    im just trying to avoid getting in a group with 9 ticket buyers.
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    the earnable shoes look too similar to the ones from Halloween boxes imo.

    agreeing with all the posts saying that us free players as well as the non-excessive TBs would have to strategize well and choose how we participate in SYS to even have a chance to get the TS prizes.

    also YES the bonus prizes for top rankings should have been accessories! giving hairstyle for only silver is just unfair.

    that being said, i'm okay with the new TS format as i actually appreciate more prizes for lower rankings, and it's kinda fun to an extent. it's not perfect and it's not all great, but it does have its perks. we just have to plan, i guess and not take everything to heart because i say this over and over and it's a constant reminder to myself too, it's just a game.

    well... best of luck to us.
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    Thanks, I hate it 
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    me calculating if i should just quit the current SYS and not level up that way i can get the TS prizes for this weekday SYS or not... :)

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    Love earnable dress 😍 
    I also like TS dress, so I hope even more people can win dress in silver and I have a chance to win it. But In my group a lot of people using extras now , so I’m afraid its gonna more of tb in silver for sure. Damn I hate this sys. 
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    I’m getting so confused 🤷‍♀️ on all these events it’s sooooo stressful! But we don’t have to participate in any of these it’s our choice. I know it really sux that this outfit is the bomb

    But the earnables yuck 🤮 correct me if I’m wrong the hair is sooooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!the dress ok just ok the jewelry I always like.

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    How I’m feeling about 2 SYS events a week I’m calling this crap!! It puts so much stress on us, we don’t need anymore! @KalindaKing please make them only have 1 SYS and good prizes 
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    She ready...thankfully I believe Kalinda has been hearing our feedback so I hope the Dec. Update rolls back to the old sys....hoping

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