🗳️🍗SYS 11/26/20 - Happy Thanksgiving Let's All Get Thrifty Chic!🍗🦃



  • clarizzoclarizzo Registered Users, Member 672 Posts
    i absolutely love the earnables because it’s an outfit i’d wear irl! the TS items are cute, but my expectations are low because they’re going to be given to the TB who has the most money anyway. 🥱
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  • evilhagevilhag Experienced Member Registered Users 787 Posts
    I actually dont mind the trend setter items, if they're all used separately lol. Together they look a mess, but I do love the jeans and shoes. The hat? I dont like anyway, so I'm not upset there. The earnables are pretty plain, but the skirt could come in handy
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  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,437 Posts

    My doll is ready for Black Friday, might submit looks like this or I might just make my own fall themed event to match the background 😂
    Those looks are cute honestly I feel like they may fit the theme, we just haven’t gotten the phone call for details yet
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  • danjames12danjames12 Registered Users, Member 516 Posts
    I’ll be honest... I think everything other than the bag and maybe (maybe!) the jeans are really ugly. 

    It’s the kind of items I’d expect from a weekend event, and not an amazing one at that, not TS prizes for a sys. 

    But maybe that’s just me.
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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,152 Posts

    My doll is ready for Black Friday, might submit looks like this or I might just make my own fall themed event to match the background 😂

    These are really cute! 
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  • Maria2019Maria2019 Registered Users, Member 340 Posts
    edited November 2020
    The TBs are welcome to this week's items. I'll just have fun with the theme and not worry about scores.
  • FrancescahillFrancescahill Advanced Member Registered Users 1,186 Posts
    I’m just happy we’re getting a non-gown themed event but sad the beret is first place 😭
  • nataIiekkhnataIiekkh Registered Users, Member 166 Posts
    Funny how the hair accessory,when is ugly, is for all levels,but when is kinda pretty it's only for gold level lol
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  • EmCharlotteEmCharlotte Registered Users, Member 574 Posts
    Sooo the only person who can get the beret is someone who comes first place in the gold tier??? Which will be full of people who likely bought their way to the top? Good luck... I’ve had to use tickets I’ve been saving slowly for months just to end up in 11th place with 3 gold dyes from a gift box. So I can’t imagine what people need to spend to actually win all the items that are being designed. Can’t wait to see all the best items placed completely beyond reach for the overwhelming majority of players. I’m still going to be in silver this weekend so at least I don’t have to worry about it. 
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  • cherrycolacherrycola Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    i want those pants so badly :( nice to know i'll never come near them lmao 
  • KortyKorty New Member Registered Users 238 Posts
    These items are a bit eclectic on purpose. Here's another look at the earnables so you can see the butterfly on the top
    Oh well, if there is a butterfly.... actually no, sorry, that short sleeve shirt is really shabby, my doll doesn’t need it! 
    No need to babysit the game this weekend because I don’t like anything 🥱
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  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,144 Posts
    This is the worst theme ever. I’m just submitting cute Thanksgiving looks because I want to get a TB box instead. 
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  • meritedkkhmeritedkkh Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
    Can we all just decide to make it a thanksgiving theme? I have literally nothing to wear for this. 
  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 493 Posts
    What to wear?? I hope it’s casual because of the earnables. I loved the skirt and liked the ts items, separately. I get a early 2000 vibes like That’s so Raven, Hannah Montana... I like it! But I have nothing lol.
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  • chanellechanelle Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    😂 that’s my reaction to the theme but I’m glad I don’t have to stress and I can just sit back and relax the holidays as we should.
    will consider this weeks whole holiday game reveal as a silver lining and not bother 🤣
  • cherrycolacherrycola Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    I really like this theme, I love thrifting, but they really flubbed it on the earnables imo.. they could've been so much more unique 
  • oopsididitagainoopsididitagain Registered Users, Member 1,141 Posts
    So bronze can’t get the top I assume? Since that’s the second to top prize?
  • thatgalbiathatgalbia Registered Users, Member 442 Posts
    What’s going on at Glu? Between this new God awful SYS format, AND some questionable FASHUNS, I just don’t understand. These items are just...

    I think that after Thanksgiving weekend, I’m officially done with this game. The quality of the clothing designs just isn’t what it used to be. At this point not only is it stressful, it has become incredibly tedious and just plain boring. I’m over it!
    “FASHUNS” took me out ⚰️⚰️⚰️
  • RRMRRM Registered Users, Member 83 Posts

    I like these!! But as separate pieces, not all together as one outfit
    @KalindaKing for the spoilers :smile:  
  • IridescenceIridescence Registered Users, Member 112 Posts
    Shabby chic kind of reminds me rosè's clothing choices.
  • JennKKHJennKKH Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    So what do I wear tomorrow...?

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  • ThreePartMagicThreePartMagic Registered Users, Member 443 Posts
    Disappointed not to get an explicitly fall-themed sys for the second year in a row. I will definitely be mixing fall and thrifty cuz I have no idea what I'm doing anyway. Hopefully, I can put some unused stuff to work. Maybe I'll actually place well since not as many people seem to be playing for prizes...
  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,364 Posts
    Kim’s call : 

  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,437 Posts
    Forgot to screenshot the phone call but I can’t believe we don’t get a gift or something to help us
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