So, Who Is Quitting In January?



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    patiencebrodypatiencebrody Registered Users, Member 455 Posts
    I still really enjoy the events and the businesses, saving up and spending stars. What I don't like is that it now feels like the game revolves around SYS, and if they just went one step back, when there were no style levels that would be great. But If I did want to quit I'd be able to do it very easily, cause I never spent a dime.
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    kadamisiakadamisia Registered Users, Member 1,086 Posts
    My mom and I are quitting too. This game (or company should I say) disgusts me and I see no point in playing this game anymore.
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    lunaaalunaaa Registered Users, Member 175 Posts
    I've been playing less and less lately, last two SYS's I didn't even bother to submit my tickets after I got the diamonds. So, I stopped worrying about SYS completely. If I score well, good, if not that's okay too. And I'm not completing my TB boxes too, so I guess I'm quitting the game piece by piece. Right now the only thing I keep enjoying is the weekend events (and I'm sure they will make it a mess soon 😁) but before this, I always found time for the game. Right now, if I find something else to do, the game doesn't event come to my mind. 
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    wannabetwannabet Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    Since the new change in SYS I hardly play now. I used to always get the triple threat but haven't since the change came in. No reason to even try when you don't even have a slight chance of winning unless you're submitting 10+ extra tickets most times. 
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    letusletus Registered Users, Member 760 Posts
    I started playing again on March, because of the quarantine I had to find new distractions. And I had fun! But now it's super overwhelming with the weekday SYS and I believe that when everything gets back do normal and I get my social life (and working from an office) back I will not play as much. And if this system won't change I'll probably just give it up entirely. 
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    soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    I don't think I can quit completely (at least not this soon!) but yeah, my interest is waning. I haven't completed a TB event in months and barely open the game when before I'd play it probably 2-3 hours a day. I always make a large k-star purchase on BF each year but opted out this time even though I had almost $25 in google credits I could've used towards it. 
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    Loveflower01Loveflower01 Registered Users 331 Posts
    edited December 2020
    I just don’t play the New SYS. I already know it’s going to be impossible to move ahead so I just vote, This game is a way for me to de stress. I don’t need anymore of that in my life. the new system unfair and impossible to play and i dislike it
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    soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    I've tried to stop looking at TS prizes because it makes me feel bad. I keep hoping for an 11-14 (?) finish so I can get the TB SYS box and hopefully get the white frosty hair I've been wanting forever. 
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    annalynnehoockannalynnehoock Registered Users, Member 270 Posts
    I'll. I just don't feel any joy playing this game anymore, for me it just became a burden. I don't care if I complete the weekday sys/tb event or the weekend event. And its not how this is supposed to be. So I rather spend my time with more useful stuff. And its a shame that thats how it ends, I've been playing this game on and off since de beginning, and I never felt this way about it before.
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    Angie7680Angie7680 Registered Users 178 Posts
    I really want to stop playing the game. I’m working full time now with college being over and with this constant sys i don’t feel motivated and I feel tired to play all the time. I got the game back in March this year after a 3 year hiatus and tbh I am thinking of getting rid of it again, only thing holding me back is the money I have spent on my account. Glu is making it harder and harder to just enjoy the game, this constant sys feels like a chore now not something you do for fun. The fun has been sucked out of the game, and I really want to take another break but I keep thinking about all the prizes I’ll miss out and that is what holds me back. Idk what to do
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    SDC93SDC93 Registered Users, Member 1,167 Posts
    I know I’m loosing interest in the game because I forgot to submit my ticket before bed last night, and I also forgot to watch my videos.  January’s update better be amazing Or I’m not wasting my time anymore. 
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    kristikreme307kristikreme307 Registered Users, Member 36 Posts
    I was part of the protest for a while but eventually caved. Now I only spend money on the occasional triple threat. I started playing earlier this year and was never part of the people that had 20 videos a day. When I found out about that I was FURIOUS. I’ve spent so much money on this game and I can’t get over the fact that even after spending so much friggin money, most of the items I want are still unobtainable. It feels like Glu is preying on people with anxiety or the obsessive compulsion to collect everything and I don’t really find that okay. Not only that, but I hate that with any other company, if I spent money and something went wrong and contacted customer support, I would either get my money back or get an exchange. All Glu does is say “better luck next time”. That’s not okay either. I’m not sure I have the will power to stop playing completely, but if this game stays as stressful as it has been since the new SYS started, I don’t think I can take it anymore. The slumber party SYS was such an eye opener to me. I legitimately get so upset when I see anyone in SYS with the TS items I was unable to get. It’s so depressing, and a game shouldn’t be like that. I’ve posted suggestions in the forum that I know will never get seen by anyone at Glu and that’s so frustrating too. 
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    VictorianVictorian Registered Users, Member 1,110 Posts
    I quit mostly, still lurking in the forum out of habit and my drama addiction. Can't help, I am a Leo rising lol 
    If it counts I am playing an ancient game my sis dropped in god knows when but it's really not entertaining or stimulating when you don’t even have new throwback items to obtain. I don't even bother watching her 20 videos most days. I used my original game progress reverting to july 2020 to flee, didn't even bother with support or wrote to Kalinda to get my game back. I drop some posts on the strike thread occasionally because it’s mostly dead and I am attached to it. Still love y'all but life goes on 💕🤧
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    PrimameliaPrimamelia Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    I’ve been playing since the game came out. This is the first time I thought about quitting. I recently scaled back after I paid for some tickets, lost a SYS event because of a glitch and support completely refused to help, but offered to share my concerns with the team so they can improve the game 🙄 Not the first issue either that caused me to lose money. 
    I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve spent, but not anymore since the last issue. 
    Plus, I just open the game and was invited to take a survey. Once I put my age in, it booted me out and said ‘survey completed’. Guess they don’t want old folks like me to play anyways! 😂 Can’t even take a ‘influencer survey’ 😂 

    It’s been real.. ✈️ 🧳 
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    AspenWoodAspenWood Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    edited December 2020
    I don’t want to quit because this game was so fun for me in the past. But I’m sure it will happen naturally overtime as I lose out on more and more items. I don’t really do the storyline anymore or the TB event. I am so overwhelmed by sys it’s all I can manage. And when I do win an item from a weekend event or sys, I don’t even have time to enjoy it before it’s time to fight for another one. I used to change my dolls outfit at least once a day, and now I’m so burnt out from thinking up outfits I just leave her in whatever lol. I reached the last diamond earnable today so I’m giving up on this sys. 
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    MynameisDee82MynameisDee82 Registered Users, Member 252 Posts
    I am losing interest, been playing less now. I dont think I will quit totally (just yet), but I dont play as often now. My SYS tickets are always stacked 🤣 and I hardly reach the last earnables (SYS, weekend events). So I guess if things doesnt improve it will come to a point where I wont bother anymore. 
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    Asena_55Asena_55 Registered Users, Member 243 Posts
    I didn’t play the last two SYS events tbh and I‘m okay with that. I enjoyed the Sys events the most on this game and now I don’t really see a point to play it anymore. I‘m also very busy with uni I barely have time for this game. This Sys system is a mess, there’s almost no chance to get those prizes without buying tickets, because almost the top ten are ticket buyers. Why should I stress myself because of Sys when I don’t get the prizes anyway ? I rather to not play it at all. 
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    smcs97smcs97 Registered Users, Member 73 Posts
    I’m quitting by January if nothing changed in the next update. I’ve been playing less and less now, tbh. This is just too much. Glu has to do something about it. Games should be fun and entertaining but it’s the other way around now. What saddens me is that I’ve been playing this for years now, it has already been a part of me. However, I think it’s time to let go of KKH since it brings me so much stress for the past months. 
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    UnwinterUnwinter Registered Users, Member 598 Posts
    Honestly the only reason I'm upset is the fact that I will no longer be able to stay in touch with the amazing people I've met here. I've stopped caring about the game a while back and didn't have the time because of my three jobs and university. Seeing all of us leave is so heartbreaking ONLY because I cherish our friendships and our content on the forum (by this I mean the edits, the threads and funny comments and whatnot). So yeah in heartbroken but Glu had it coming. I only wish there's a way to stay in touch with all of you but that's ambitious. Stay safe everyone and please know there's this one doll who's always cherishing all of y'all 💗💗
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    zoeykkzoeykk Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    the tap research recently is like a last straw for me in the game... such a waste of time by disqualifying peeps at the end of the 20 mins survey.
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    DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
    Hey @babytomato04 what's funny about @woahbabesursotoxicpost

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    LisylisLisylis Registered Users 931 Posts
    I mostly just log in to put in a new SYS look every few hours but now that SYS is so much less enjoyable I'm finding even that difficult.

    I like having a storyline to do though, that might keep me engaged a bit longer
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