🗳️🔁🍷KK:H Weekday SYS- 12/21/20 - Winery Tour (Once More)🍷



  • imazoraimazora Registered Users, Member 383 Posts
    I forgot to submit my last ticket and didnt get the dress lmaooooooiwanttodie
    iOS - Ivy Kkh on FB! - ok i don't know what most people put here i'm gonna go now 
  • imazoraimazora Registered Users, Member 383 Posts

    Happy I picked a hairstyle, but I am missing waaaay more TS prizes- glu, pls, no more dye 🥺
    iOS - Ivy Kkh on FB! - ok i don't know what most people put here i'm gonna go now 
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,663 Posts
    @lalana @AmyMimi same here!!
    I forgot to submit my 2 last looks and I didn’t get the dress and ended 16th
    I can’t even console myself with the box 
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  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    Not much of a congrats but okay
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  • SDC93SDC93 Registered Users, Member 1,153 Posts
    Submitted my last Simon/Kalinda ticket to get first, however I scored 40 so I was 4 votes short. At least it boosted me from 3rd to 2nd and I got the hair clip. 
  • HazelnutLatteHazelnutLatte Registered Users 109 Posts
    edited December 2020
    I got knocked down from 2nd to 3rd within the last five minutes or so, but I was pretty happy when during this SYS I got my first 60! 😍

  • XabbeyXabbey Registered Users, Member 112 Posts
    I got dye from my silver box. 🤡 
  • astaasta Registered Users, Member 669 Posts
    i forgot to submit my last tickets. sad i didn’t get the dress, because i really liked it, but it just goes to show how much i’ve lost interest in sys...
  • ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 796 Posts
    didnt submit my 13th ticket so I could get a silver TS box and of course I managed to miss all those hairs... lol. but unpopular opinion with this new system I kinda liked being in gold so I could get the second earnable but also level down and get a silver TS box. my experience in silver is that i’ve been sacrificing the second earnable to level down but in gold the scores are so high I can get the second earnable and still achieve what I want? lmao shoutout glu for this twisted a** mindset I now have about SYS 😐
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  • watermelonsugarhighwatermelonsugarhigh Registered Users, Member 1,383 Posts
    i am able to move up to bronze III and i got these fishnet tights!

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  • sarahleesarahlee Registered Users, Member 454 Posts
    edited December 2020
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