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  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    @samanthakkh scores getting more rigged with every SYS ! I’ve never scored this low (lowest score was a 26) and submitted in total of 16 tickets to reach the last earnable 😱 I mean when I started playing my scores were even higher with a limited kloset. No, it’s not shady at all 🙄
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    edited January 2021
    @thesweetone thank you so much! I was inspired by the knocked down stop sign at an intersection near my apartment, just thought it was too beautiful to not make art of <3
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  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    Why unbanned John? I’m confused.
    He broke the rules multiple times. Isn’t that enough to stay banned? How many times more to be banned again?
  • RomakiRomaki Registered Users, Member 538 Posts
    edited January 2021
    We have reconsidered what happened yesterday and decided to unban @uglyjackie

    Kalinda, thank you for listening to us and doing the right thing in that regard. I hope you understand we just want the same respect from Glu.
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  • haylow71haylow71 Registered Users, Member 248 Posts
    ViennaKKH said:
    Why unbanned John? I’m confused.
    He broke the rules multiple times. Isn’t that enough to stay banned? How many times more to be banned again?
    Let’s not forget he made a new account yesterday 😀
  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    @2ftpoop wow you explained this with heart and soul in a very sincere way. It touches me 🥺💕
  • beba13beba13 Registered Users, Member 680 Posts
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    Just to be clear how this is your “way of players winning more items”. 
    Other than that,everything was said so many times its now pointless to repeat everyone else myself included. 
    @Poopnuggets69 every word is in its rightful place and this whole forum and the game it self should have a huge change to make to have players happy and STAYING!!! This is just plain disrespectful and with banning Jackie and than unbanning without ANY explanation and unbanning someone who repeatedly broke MORE THAN ONE OF YOUR RULES NUMEROUS TIMES is just a slap in the face of every player on this forum. I’m down. Ban me. BUT THIS HAS TO END!!!
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  • MrsVoightMrsVoight Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    One step away from leaving the game and just returning, maybe not even that, if the problems pointed out by us are fixed.
  • rose2797rose2797 Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    Wow this company, game and forum has truly gone off the deep end. I can’t fathom how unbanning someone who is rude and racist is a good idea? But then again Glu seems to only make bad ideas these days so I guess I’m not surprised
  • rose2797rose2797 Registered Users, Member 370 Posts
    And speaking of bad ideas aka the new sys system. Here’s the small amount of items I’ve earned the last two months. No wonder we’re all tired of this game we play and get nothing to show for it but terrible shoes 
  • 2ftpoop2ftpoop Registered Users, Member 174 Posts
    like fr... leave it to the forum that let posts saying black hair was "serving homelessness" (@Cherrey) & implying that if you had black hair you'd "want a hoodie to hide it too"(@kokokokonut) stay up for three whole F u Ck ING years to unban a racist & sexist user lol 
    yall lowkey shady af, especially after how my baestie @Poopnuggets69 was treated by koko in the dm's when she called out those posts still being up.
    this forum is run like like we're your naughty children that must kept on a tight leash and im F u Ck ING over it... everyday my friends on the discord have another story of someone here in a position of power here verbally attacking them in private 

    edit: i included the @'s of the comments that hurt me the most because im angry and racist people dont deserve me covering their asses 
    Say whaaaaaaat!!???? I saw the prison comment but not the homelessness or hoodie one. 
  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,254 Posts
    edited January 2021
    Unbanning people* and creating rules where users can't question actions taken in forum 

    *noting that Jackie was rightfully unbanned, but John was also unbanned so peeps must think a blanket unbanning will fix everything without even paying attention to the issues happening 
  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    Here’s mine. For the tropical getaway SYS I used extra tickets to get the camera and suitcase. The rest is just to get the last earner. I haven’t even done that every week.

  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 768 Posts
    I wanted to thank everyone who posted for me to be unbanned, it’s a lot of usernames to put in one post so I won’t 🥰 But I genuinely do appreciate it 🥺💖 although I was happy being banned since that meant John was banned too. But I guess that doesn’t matter anymore lol. I’d be willing to bet that they leave John on the forum to cause drama so that it doesn’t die. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
    Isn't ironic that if he does cause more problems (which he provably will) nobody will be able to stand for themselves no matter if he's being sexist or racist otherwise we'd be breaking the forum rules? Btw I'm happy you were unbanned :)
  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,306 Posts

    Daaamn! Looking at this it’s more and more apparent that you only get sys items if you buy tickets. Is this the reason why scores are being kept low? I’ve consistently been scoring in the thirties for months. It’s doubtful I’ll get this sys earnable too which sucks...

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