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    @Lilith_KKH @KKHLucy I had a similar suggestion like 6 months ago that I tried to get some traction for. Basically, at the start of each SYS, you have to pick if you wanted to be able to buy tickets or not. If you picked TB available, you'd be able to buy additional tickets to battle it out, but you'd also be in a group where everyone else can do the exact same. If you chose TB unavailable, no one in your group would be able to buy extra tickets, but that would also include yourself. You'd have to weigh your options at the start of each SYS and decide what your odds are based on your wardrobe, and it would likely even boost the sales in the groups with TBs because they'd keep climbing to get at each others' throats.
    Not sure that makes a lot of sense as everyone will more likely than not pick being in the group with no TBs. Not sure TBs would willingly choose to battle it out with other TBs. They only do that now because they have to. It kills the benefits for TBs. Unfortunately Glu will always cater to paying customers since that's where the revenue is coming from. To make everyone sort of happy, It probably makes the most sense to just revert back to the old system, where we maybe get one TB in each group instead of 10. 
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    Is the update coming next week? 
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    evilhag said:
    I would looove to be able to skip through pop-ups easier. Sometimes I only have a couple minutes to play really quick and I have to wait through 3 minutes of all my completed reality show results. Also how touchy everything is, I hate the dining room right now lol. IM trying to tap on my stars and points and every second tap it keeps asking me if I want to change the table decor lol. Same with outside bellair. I don't want to change the design of my sidewalk lol

    Yes to all of this! Additional reason for me to love party weekends is that I get a pop up right away and done, I don't have to click and close 15 of them. 
  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    I think the rankings have really shown exactly how many people DO buy tickets on a consistent basis. It's more than I thought. I wouldn't be surprised if Glu continues to cater to that crowd because it's easy weekly money vs. pushing fashion goals and such which actually takes imagination and effort. 
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    Can we make a thread of what we want? I feel like it'd be fun to have different/ updated comebacks. Like... we get a basic 2014 dress and one more energy? It'd be fun if you needed to do more or like an "influencer" one where you can get fans and viewers on reality shows.
    Also. I can NEVER do all my businesses. I forget- can we get like a popup for that.
    Someone also mentioned like a pet room or "zoo" at bel air and I think that's amazing

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    I’d love a PA - we could have a storyline where we have to pick one and then they could call us when our businesses need doing or when there’s something important? 

    I have stopped hoping the weekly throwback boxes will be updated. I don’t really play during the week anymore because all that grinding for 20 stars?! No thanks 

    I can’t see sys ever being changed. Glu must be rolling in money if the ticket buyers in every group I’ve ever been in are anything to go by. Top people in my group were already past 500 one hour into this weeks and the prizes are hideous so chances of winning Wyeth the TS items are nice is almost impossible. I would love love love to hear from a ticket buyer. Not from someone who buys triple threat etc but from someone who is ending with 2000+ points. How old are you? Where is the money coming from?! Why?! 

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    @Emme1216 there is a suggestion thread, but some things have been suggested by multiple people for years and it never happens so I don't think Glu pays too much attention to it

    @Ohemilie I'd much rather have a business tracker vs. a pointless feed. Or Maria/Simon/etc. could call us when the timer resets for our businesses and they show up as a sidebar gig. 
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    Can the sparkler finally be fixed in the new update ? It used to be perfect! 
    Plus these eyes from a diamond collection (can’t remember which one) Still crossed eyed 👀 @KalindaKing 💜

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    YoMomma said:

    Can the sparkler finally be fixed in the new update ? It used to be perfect! 
    Plus these eyes from a diamond collection (can’t remember which one) Still crossed eyed 👀 @KalindaKing 💜

    A lot of the eyes have become cross-eyed, and it always depends on how the doll is posed or if holding a handheld. I haven’t even used these diamond eyes lately because of this. 
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    edited December 2020
    Oh...an update thread I’m excited 🤩 but please change Sys format to the original. 😒
    I play on iPhone 8plus
    Happy Summer 🌻
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    brunakkh said:
    New instagram post

    Thank you for posting this, all those outfits are just, WOW-
  • therealChartherealChar Registered Users, Member 2,714 Posts
    brunakkh said:
    New instagram post

    I swear if those braids better be earnble 🥲🙏
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    Hey guys, do any of you know if we're gonna get a storyline for the countdown? (I'm not holding hope onto it but it would be nice considering that where I am currently there's not gonna be any fireworks at midnight sadly😔) It would be nice considering I know I'm not the only one who's gonna miss not seeing the many many fireworks in the sky at night 
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    Is there any information as to when the update will be released? 🤔
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    brunakkh said:
    New instagram
    The curls on the left are my literal hair. I feel like the quality would be an earnable so I’m excited. Hair on the right is beautiful but I’m guessing GB for sure. 
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    brunakkh said:
    New instagram post

    I really like two of these outfits, but Glu is nosy soooo 🤭🙊🙊
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    ¡¡Happy New Year!!🦋🌠 Success and blessings for all💫🌟⭐🦋

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    Happy New Year, everyone! 2020 been a trying year, but let’s hope for a smoother 2021. 
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    Can they give us new poses please?? 😭
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    New still pose without having to hold a purse or a specific dress
    and please let us hold purses and handhelds with gloves !!!! Pleaseeee
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    Newsletter is out!

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