Private Jet and Car?

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Show pics of yours? Have all the items to go with?
Lemme know if I miss anything and I’ll edit this post for those who are saving up! (Sorry if this has been discussed before I tried searching but didn’t find anything so I thought I’d make my own~)
Jet - 120k stars
Luggage 2k cash
K Logo Front 20k stars
Gold Front 20k stars
Red carpet 10k stars
Back Gold Tail 20k stars
Fans 30k stars
K Logo Back 20k Stars
Plants 15k stars

Bed 7.5k cash
TV 20 k stars
Couch 3k cash
Pug 30k stars 
Seating Area 1k
Bar 40k stars

Now that you have a car and jet is it easier for you to get around? 
I like it a lot so far! When I run out of energy I just travel the world tapping on items for energy back! If you’re debating on if you should get this because of pricey areas, energy or bragging rights then go for it! Here’s my progress so far~
My car Speedster 75k stars 


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    i have a black rover which cost $20000, and i have all of the furniture on the inside of my jet except for the bar. aside from the luggage, i don’t have anything on the outside of the jet 

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    I have the black Rover I bought with kash, and that's it lol. I haven't bought the jet. Only because I'm stingy with my kstars and save up for certain kollections, VIP, and big sales. 🤣
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    Imo , the 1st key to amassing wealth in the game, is to stop paying for airfare.  Once you travel free money you have unlimited energy at your disposal.  all you have to do is travel the game globe tapping for energy.   ;)
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