🗳️SYS 1/21/21 - Holographic Hottie SYS (- Usher out the chill of January)🦄🔮



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    kimberleyxkimberleyx Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    I came in joint first place! I was so lucky to have had such a chilled group!

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    saintsofheathersaintsofheather Registered Users, Member 250 Posts
    Hey dolls! After a much needed break from the game, I am back! I only missed a month-ish of the game (hopefully I didn't miss out on too much) but I joined the SYS late yesterday (I only submitted 3 looks!) I'll be sure to update the newsletter archive soon but bear with me... I won't be playing as avidly as before, but the hope is to still have fun with the game :) Anyways, here are the prizes I won from this SYS!

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    putanaputana Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    @putana where is this green hair color from? I love the way you styled everything, btw!
    It’s an edit baby 😢 hopefully we will get in the future 
    thank you ✨
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    brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts
    I know I am late but I love these ts items!! With @mikaylachimo @ashleymedds and @SamanaKKH

    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
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    SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,133 Posts
    @brunakkh damn we look 🔥 thank you for including me ❤️
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    ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 796 Posts
    @brunakkh we look amazing🤩⚡️ thank you for including me🥰
    ios doll since 2014, took a break & started again in October 2019 🤠💕
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    mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    @brunakkh thank you for including me!! Your doll looks so good in the hair 😩
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    haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 483 Posts
    clarizzo said:
    absolutely love the TS items! 🔥 reminds me of EDC that won’t be happening due to COVID 😭

    Do we have a fellow raver in the forum 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
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    clarizzoclarizzo Registered Users, Member 732 Posts
    @haylee7 uhm, hell yes! 😭i miss them so much, ugh. 
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    haylee7haylee7 Registered Users, Member 483 Posts
    @clarizzo Same, it sucks so bad :(
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    Nina6475Nina6475 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    edited January 2022

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    KKHBrisaKKHBrisa Registered Users, Member 286 Posts
    edited January 2022

    I'm glad I have shiny, sheer, and metallic. Don't have too many holographic things. 
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    LexKKHLexKKH Registered Users, Member 725 Posts
    I just realised this is from January 2021 💀 I was confused why we were getting the earnables.
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    KKHBrisaKKHBrisa Registered Users, Member 286 Posts
    LexKKH said:
    I just realised this is from January 2021 💀 I was confused why we were getting the earnables.
    Lol same. 
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    CaisakkhCaisakkh Registered Users, Member 264 Posts
    are we not gonna get a new thread??
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    carramen_carramen_ Registered Users, Member 563 Posts
    @Caisakkh I was wondering too😭
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    kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,114 Posts
    edited January 2022
    it’s Fixed now. Please use the new thread. Closing this.
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