🗳️💼 SYS 3/1/21 - Boss Babe SYS 💼 🗳️



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    Took a screenshot but I was so busy that I forgot to post it
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 2,242 Posts
    @Julietalucia thank you 😃 hope you’re doing well with the event.
    I play on iOS
  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts
    Just got the handheld can’t wait to use it but the scores are hurting my sprit 😂

    Some more looks from WB

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    These are my first 6 looks.  I bought one extra ticket. My first look scored 36 😩 but from my second look I’ve been getting 40 +. Currently in 2nd place yay. 

    Do you like my looks ? Like and comment if you agree 

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    I just reported a missing diamond that I earned from the VB to support (I won it and my total diamond count didnt increase when I clicked it) and now my timer is broken and I’ve lost two non-free tickets that were transferred from previous SYSs??? What is happening? My new free ticket should be here in an hour and now this has happened?
    @KalindaKing please help.

    edit: tickets have somehow come back but can this glitch still be looked into to prevent future instances of this? I swear this game is gonna give me a heart attack lol

  • melisaasprillamelisaasprilla Registered Users, Member 191 Posts

    A sweet suggestion.
    Shows the distribution of the bronze awards.
    That level is also part of the game.  and there are also players in it. or at least write it down, if the screenshot doesn't show it. Don't make them guess. 🙂

    @melisaasprilla  I couldn't agree more, it's just laziness and greed to not show Bronze prizes. Glu doesn't want people leveling down I guess. 

    But I have looked back at the last 8 or so SYSs,  the prize not in bronze is always the 3rd prize in gold, 2nd prize in silver, so this SYS its the aura.. In spa day the face mask wasn't in bronze, before that the hand tattoo not in bronze. They seem to take items they know will be coveted because they are unique & keep them out of bronze. 

    @DoloresWyattOf course I am not saying it wrongly, but until this weekend, I did not know exactly what the distribution of bronze prizes was like. Until someone from the forum commented on it.
    But why guess, why can't he write it down.  I understand that the screenshot does not cover all levels, but for that there are other solutions.

  • komorebikomorebi Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
    All of my looks from the past 2 SYS have been getting scores in the 30s and I've barely broken 40 votes ugh
  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 327 Posts
    First 5 looks. The votes are not too bad so far 
  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,306 Posts
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    Amy136602 said:
    Found this beautiful brown suit in the vb! The doll wearing it looked so nice I had to get it!! Absolutely no regrets! 😊
    The suit is amazing 😻 suits your doll so well. Is it one piece ? 
  • Madison101Madison101 Registered Users, Member 309 Posts
    I hate being gold lol, my scores last SYS (and a few previous SYSs) when I was in silver, were mostly high fourties and low fifties, and the one time I’m in gold, I’m scoring low 30s and 20s. 🥲🥴.  My outfits are definitely not the best, but I haven’t gotten low scores like this in a while.  I think I’m just going submit outfits for the diamonds and then drop back to down to silver 3.

    Looks 3,4,5 (Not in order)

    Level 29
  • MucoMuco Registered Users, Member 138 Posts
    My best scores! I am 2nd in Silver III! Was looking forward only to shoes, but so far, getting all :3

  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,660 Posts
    Has anyone who had the glitch this past weekend received the spa items they're supposed to send us? Support told me they're sending the items after the spa day sys ended, but they weren't added. This morning they had to get my ID again to try to send them again. Hopefully they will figure it out soon. 

    Surprisingly, I will say this... support has been really helpful since last Thursday until now. There's one worker who has been really helpful and super nice. He's checked back and gave me updates often. His name is Ravi and I'll definitely mention him in my rating. Normally, I get workers who don't know how to do their job. I've talked with him a few times before and he was always professional and so helpful. I just thought he deserves some recognition since support normally gets bashed.
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  • junjjunj Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    @MarianiPoizen it's a Balmain closet outfit! i love it too but it's one of those outfits that voters for some reason that eludes me REALLY don't like, maybe it's my styling but it's always done badly for me to the point i was starting to think it's legit cursed. like i'd be in a sys scoring high 40s/low 50s and then try this one and *insta* low 30, this was actually the first time it scored above 40??? i really dont get why, if u do buy it pls keep us updated on how it does bc its performance has been so perplexing to me lol
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  • junjjunj Registered Users, Member 25 Posts

    here are my looks so far other than the Miranda one, flopping holding steady @ 43. i based the 5th one on Adele from Behind Her Eyes 👀 
    old to the game, new to the forum 😺
  • AriDollAriDoll Registered Users, Member 147 Posts
    I haven’t even past 40 votes yet😭 usually can 43 and up. I really wanted to get the last earnable at least so we’ll see if I can get it. this is just so weird how it fluctuates from good votes to bad. 
    iOS user! 
  • haylow71haylow71 Registered Users, Member 248 Posts
    What even.. 😭
  • RomakiRomaki Registered Users, Member 538 Posts
    I don't have the good business outfits, but people seem to like patterns too.

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  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts
    edited March 2021
    Currently in 8th can’t brake 40 🤦‍♀️

    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 64 / iOS
  • PannaPanna Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    My best score so far😊 currently 3rd in silver II. I really like this theme, it’s so nice to have a break from the gowns themes. 
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    Not doing too well 😕 I was really looking forward to this theme as well. Hopefully they pick up a bit but I guess I was due my run of bad scores lol it seems to be a pattern for so many; do really well for a few sys events and then suddenly they plummet for the next one. 

    iOS 😊
  • lilelfearslilelfears Registered Users, Member 238 Posts
    Boocketa said:
    Some more looks from WB

    omg the 3rd one is my doll! ty for sharing🥺🤎
  • lilelfearslilelfears Registered Users, Member 238 Posts

    the look didn’t do so good😕
  • Amy136602Amy136602 Registered Users 851 Posts
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    YoMomma said:
    Amy136602 said:
    Found this beautiful brown suit in the vb! The doll wearing it looked so nice I had to get it!! Absolutely no regrets! 😊
    The suit is amazing 😻 suits your doll so well. Is it one piece ? 
    Thank you @YoMomma 💕🥰💕 no it’s a 2 piece, so if you wanted mix and match the top and bottom it’s completely possible! 😊
    Daily iOS player 😊 

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