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Hi all, I desperately want bonus stars so I only have to fill 4 stars for an event instead of 5. I can't seem to catch up to the game with earning kash for houses and clothing though and I saw somewhere that vehicles can give you lots of stars but haven't found a range of just about how much I can get. Would it be worth spending 150 kstars on a car (the blazer) or other extremely expensive ones such as the helicopter? Or should I just save for furniture and houses?


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    Any of the kash items that have multiple colors give more stars when you buy all the colors. Pay attention to the icon on the item, as hearts will count towards your heart count for example. I only have a few houses, one car, and one pet I bought in the Miami house. So, majority of my stars and hearts came from items in the kloset and things I've won over the past year. Before you begin a quest, look at how many stars or hearts you need to get the bonus one then aim for that amount then go from there. When you begin an event it will say the number. Example: 975/1000 so you would need to find 25 stars/hearts from items. If this is confusing, let me know and I'll send screenshots to explain what I mean haha.
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    I get what you mean haha, so I guess I should buy the colors for my current cars then? Do you know whether buying colors in general (eyeshadow, hair color, etc) is a good way to obtain bonus stars if they give any at all?
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    Just bought some colors for my rover, didn't seem to get any stars.  :/
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