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Hi, I'm Kalinda and I've worked at Glu since 2016. You might have seen me pop up in the game and perhaps I gave you a gift! Many of you already know me, but I thought it would be helpful to introduce myself to new members of the community.

I live in Toronto, Canada and you can find our studio in Toronto in the game! I work Monday to Friday and I try to announce when I take days off.

In addition to sharing important announcements about the game, I post spoilers for our weekly events and monthly updates. I review your comments every day and share your feedback with the development team.

Moderating the forum is only part of my job, so @kokokokonut helps manage this community. If you have a question or concern that's specific to the forum, you can contact her. All forum users are expected to respect each other and follow the forum rules, which are posted here: https://communities.glu.com/kim-kardashian-hollywood/discussion/5455043/forum-rules

If you need help with your game, please contact customer care through the app: ||| - help - customer care. Our support team works 24/7, so they're available to help on nights and weekends. Please do not send the same message to me and customer care because it duplicates work.

If you want to say something privately or you require more help, you can send me a private message on the forum. If something is wrong with your game, please include your ID and copy and paste it directly into a message. To get your ID, follow these steps in your app: ||| > help > copy ID.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Kalinda King is not my real name. I wanted a strong female name that started with a K and I loved Kalinda's character on The Good Wife!
  • I love meeting celebrities! Past meet and greets include Caitlyn Jenner, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck
  • I’m a big fan of all the Kardashians and I have the most in common with Kendall because we’re both single without kids

Thanks for playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and joining the forum!

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