🗳️🎤 SYS Night at the Cabaret 3/18/21-Dress for Song Drink & Fun!🍹🎤



  • odalysflowersodalysflowers Registered Users, Member 95 Posts
    Can someone help please? I don’t know who to contact. Last night I purchased the SYS Triple Threat. I got my email receipt but I didn’t get my extra tickets, diamonds or kstars. Who do I contact??
  • chelschels Registered Users, Member 28 Posts
    I have a tb in my group.... kill me now😷😷😷
  • ronnievronniev Registered Users, Member 292 Posts
    Looks 1-6 🥰 having fun with this theme 
  • rociodemayorociodemayo Registered Users, Member 501 Posts
    Ive been getting 55+ in all my looks then, one look got 60 votes and after that, I know what was coming and I wasn’t wrong.

    What the F is this?
    My scores before the look with 60 votes

    My scores after getting 60 votes in a look

    I was in 1st place and now I wont be able to recover 😢 
  • emmaissonemmaisson Registered Users, Member 834 Posts
    @scarley1999 thanks! They’re from a diamond kollection, but I don’t remember which one 😢
  • NicDollNicDoll Registered Users, Member 59 Posts

  • Brandy1982Brandy1982 Registered Users, Member 93 Posts
    edited March 19
    tortor said:
    A couple more VB stunners 
    @tortor That’s my doll! Last one on the right in the top row. Thank you for the compliment! 
  • kkhxiokkhxio Registered Users, Member 413 Posts
    SamanaKKH said:
    looks 1-5, my gold group is pretty chill so i’m in 4th, hopefully it stays that way 😣

    i love your outfits there cute 😻
  • junjjunj Registered Users, Member 25 Posts

    straight up not having a good time this sys 😔😔😔
    old to the game, new to the forum 😺
  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,047 Posts
    @kkhxio thank you! 🥰
    ✧ iOS user ✧
    Add me on Facebook here

  • kkhsamkkhsam Registered Users, Member 235 Posts
    Looks 5-8 ✨

    Brazilian iOS player.
  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte New Member Registered Users 599 Posts
    tortor said:
    A couple more VB stunners 
    @tortor the third doll in the top row is me!💞💞
    ios player  ☮  free player

    add me on fb
  • violaviola Registered Users, Member 468 Posts

    Can you fix this hair with the glasses? 
  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 579 Posts
    I'm not doing suuper well, but here are my faves/ best so far! 

    Also, I'm your group! @TrashleyKKH

    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,398 Posts
    junj said:

    straight up not having a good time this sys 😔😔😔

    Each of those looks is unique and not like the other yet they're so on point! ❤️ My favorite is the green one, looks like a true cabaret diva 💚 I hope your scores pick up! 
  • junjjunj Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    @thesweetone aww ty so much, living up to your username! ❤️
    old to the game, new to the forum 😺
  • siennaishollowsiennaishollow Registered Users, Member 116 Posts
    Some beautiful dolls from the VB!

    Android free player
    Not an English speaker
    Doll IG - Sienna
  • Madison101Madison101 Registered Users, Member 262 Posts
    edited March 20
    I think I might have spotted @marir222!  Saw you in the VB and voted for you a few hours ago but forgot to post 😂.  Your look is great! 🙂

    Level 29
  • christiekkhchristiekkh Registered Users, Member 205 Posts
    So disappointed in a gold full of TB.. my scores are actually good but I have no chance.. I’m around half their scores 😢 first time posting and I’m just sad 😂
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 729 Posts

    Platform: iOS
  • marir222marir222 New Member Registered Users 320 Posts
    I think I might have spotted @marir222!  Saw you in the VB and voted for you a few hours ago but forgot to post 😂.  Your look is great! 🙂

    that is me !
    that’s for amateurs
  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,022 Posts
    Its so embarrassing for Glu that the rigged votes are so obvious, I don't know how they can just ignore it. I think that's 3 ppl now who have had the 60 curse in this thread. The company is sort of disgusting to me atm, they seem like pigs eating from a trough of money. 
    Android player, looking for in game friends. FB Dolores Wyatt 
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