🗳️🎂 SYS 6/24/21 SYS - 7 Year Kimiversary!✨🍾🗳️



  • Nath_2019Nath_2019 Registered Users, Member 543 Posts
    edited June 2021
    what about spoilers of the sale??
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  • jackieglukkhjackieglukkh Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    spoilersssss this is just mean now 😩
  • hayitsnatashahayitsnatasha Registered Users, Member 308 Posts

    Wonder wants spoilers😤 where are they? 
  • RiinaUkiiRiinaUkii Registered Users, Member 321 Posts
    they must have caused a crash with this update and lost all items 😂🤪 where the spoilers at!? can‘t wait
  • arifromkkharifromkkh Registered Users, Member 269 Posts
    WHAT? still no spoilers?? im so surprised
  • D98D98 Registered Users, Member 560 Posts
    Spoilers please 
  • kkhsimonekkhsimone Registered Users, Member 386 Posts
    I don't understand this long waiting like at all? Hopefully we get them soon it's basically time to sleep iny country and we usually get them in the afternoon for me!
  • kkh_kyliekkh_kylie Registered Users, Member 443 Posts
    edited June 2021
    @kokokokonut usually the kimiversary weekend event starts on Thursday. Why isn’t it the same this year ?
  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    Kalinda just posted on the update thread some info
  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,464 Posts
    What did she say @mandamay76?
  • Jayy_kkhJayy_kkh Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
    Still no spoilers???
  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,140 Posts
    @kkh_kylie it never starts on Thursday, you must be thinking of the black friday event
  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,660 Posts
    Still no spoilers? Alright... it's time for kitty cat pictures 🤣🤣
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  • Kkh_samKkh_sam Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    still no spoilers??
  • Jayy_kkhJayy_kkh Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
    Tova_kkh said:

    Kenzo wants spoilers !! ✨✨
    So cuteeeee
  • watermelonsugarhighwatermelonsugarhigh Registered Users, Member 1,383 Posts
    edited June 2021
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  • keke0388keke0388 Registered Users, Member 1,464 Posts
    Are we having Diamond showstopping style boxes? 
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