Bought a SYS triple threat package, got an XL cash stack

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Hello everyone

I need your help!

Yesterday I wanted to buy a SYS triple threat package. I went into the app 28 min before the opportunity to buy the package went away, but got distracted while doing it and was out of the app for 2½ hours. When I went back into the app, I was still in the purchase and thought I could just continue the purchase anyway, so I did my thumb print and then I got distracted again.
10 minutes later I received a mail saying I had bought a XL cash package. I already have plenty of cash that I have no idea what to spend on, and don't need more, just to clarify.
I've been in contact with both GLU customer support, and Google Play. Glu just sends me an auto response, saying they can't help me and Google Play says I'm not entitled to a refund.
I am FURIOUS. The XL cash package is 14 times the price of the SYS TT, and I'm already poor as it is.

Does anyone have a suggestion to what I can do? I already called the bank, but they can't refuse the transfer either.

Help :'(
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