🗳️✨SYS 7/8/21 SYS - Totally 2000s SYS ✨🗳️



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    Boocketa said:

    This is for my girls all around the world,
    Who have come across a man that don't respect your worth.
    Thinkin' all women should be seen and not heard
    So what do we do girls, shout out loud!

    Lettin 'em know were gonna stand our ground
    So lift your hands high and wave 'em proud
    Take a deep breath and say it loud
    Never can, never will
    Can't hold us down!

    *Love* your ‘Can’t Hold us Down’ look😍
    I dressed as her in this mv when I saw her in concert a couple years back lol! Iconic💅🏼

  • ChrysalisChrysalis Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    @alexandramanoli Aw that sucks! 😢 You should probably message support in the game, and attach some screenshots of before and after (or even just after if you don't have any before). I had a pretty good experience with them lately so hopefully they'll give you the stars!
  • MsMKT86MsMKT86 Registered Users, Member 256 Posts
    Finished 4th in the SYS. Didn't get the cap earnable (not that I'm complaining). I was in Silver so I didn't even have the opportunity to try for the outfit.

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    you love to see it🥴

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  • ChrysalisChrysalis Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    edited July 12
    Came in 7th and luckily collected my prizes right away because 45 min later my rank had changed to 8th!

    I love the shades (actually all of the prizes are nice) and was gunning for them but really happy I got the bag too. Everything dyes so nicely!

    This look is so uncomfortably high school in the 00s it's giving me heart palpitations 😋

  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,220 Posts

    Yeah, I just wanna go back
    Nike Airs, All That
    CD, old Mercedes
    Drive 'round listening to Shady like (oh)
    Never under pressure (oh)
    Those days, it was so much better (oh)
    Feelin' cool in my youth, relaxin'
    No money, no problem
    It was easy back then.
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  • MikiMinajMikiMinaj Registered Users, Member 67 Posts

                             Rooftop lounge tingz ✨
                   Luv the sunglasses and the purse!
  • FaeFae Registered Users, Member 406 Posts
    Came in 7th then dropped to 8th, but I don’t really mind the 1 kstar difference. 😅

    Love love love the sunglasses! 💕

  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,390 Posts
    It didn't go very well for me, I couldn't reach the last earnable but at least I finished in 15th place in Gold so I still got the sunglasses 😎
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  • PrincessCDettePrincessCDette Registered Users, Member 346 Posts
    Started out well ended horribly. Came in 20th got this dress in my silver box.
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  • geenellysgeenellys Registered Users, Member 115 Posts
    I got purse, shoes and glasses but look at them glasses my god im in love 


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  • ChrysalisChrysalis Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    pastizzi said:
    Chrysalis said:
    Doing pretty well for me, hope I get one of the TS prizes!

    Love your Matrix/Men in Black look!
    @pastizzi Aw thank you so much! 🥰 
  • ChrysalisChrysalis Registered Users, Member 197 Posts
    @Chqrlotte Love the look 😻 I neeed those pants!
  • kkh893kkh893 Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    I can’t believe only the first place doll got all the earnables! Personally I didn’t like the hat/hair combo but it shouldn’t be that hard to get the last earnable. Like 1 out of 30 dolls got the second earnable in my group….. the scoring really needs to change🙄

    On a positive note happy I came in 4th! Loving those glasses! 
  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,071 Posts
    got 6th place in gold, i love these sunglasses the most tho!!

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  • slappedcakeslappedcake Registered Users, Member 52 Posts
    At first, i didnt even care about the ts prize but somehow my score was surprisingly good this time so i managed to get the glasses. 

    Oh man, luckily my score is good or else i will regret not having this gorgeous sunglasses 😅 

  • YasmonalisaYasmonalisa Registered Users, Member 98 Posts

    I won second place with 655 votes!
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,204 Posts
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • lovelydolllovelydoll Registered Users, Member 179 Posts
    I was calculating that I’d win sunglasses and the bag but when I was sleeping, I get rank down. When I woke up, I found myself a silver box 😂

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 715 Posts
    I finally customized my closet! TS hair is actually really cute 🤩

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  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,056 Posts
    I was able to get the glasses and the bag 🙌 They’re both super cute and dye very well !
    My lowest, highest and two favourites 😊

    iOS 😊
  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte New Member Registered Users 631 Posts
    Chrysalis said:
    @Chqrlotte Love the look 😻 I neeed those pants!
    Thank you so much!💞💞 I really like them too, you should definitely get them!
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  • Liamboyce10Liamboyce10 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    Looks 1-14 
    Came in 13th in Gold I. Was 6th place then got pushed down to 13th. Atleast I got the glasses 
  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,100 Posts
    I missed 2 tickets on purpose hoping to place 15th so I could level down but still get the glasses...Didn't work lol. Everyone looks so cute in the glasses, I'm so jealous  😭 ended up with a great pick in my TS box tho!

    Loving this dress 🍋☀️
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  • alexandramanolialexandramanoli Registered Users, Member 354 Posts
    Chrysalis said:
    @alexandramanoli Aw that sucks! 😢 You should probably message support in the game, and attach some screenshots of before and after (or even just after if you don't have any before). I had a pretty good experience with them lately so hopefully they'll give you the stars!
    Ok thank you so much! I messaged support and just waiting on a reply. Fingers crossed I can get the stars 🤞
  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,845 Posts
    dernit!  i couldn't tell on my screen that the hair was pinned back bangs!  so cute!  argh .. lol.. i always like stuff better when i see it on the forum later.. oh well hopefully i'll be able to get them some day in the next 2 or 3 years.. lol
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