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    maggiey said:
    Doesn’t make very much logical sense for the hair to be in between the parts of the cape 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Asked the team about this - unfortunately there are limitations in the way the game is designed and we can't change it.
    Isn't it better to just not do it than do something that doesn't work properly? 🥴
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    We believe that some players (especially on Android) experienced crashing issues that were unique to the SYS Duets event and want to investigate.

    If you were affected, please send me a private message with your ID, device info (ex. Samsung Galaxy S20 Android OS 11) and details that you remember. For example, what were you doing in the game when you crashed or what did you tap on that crashed? To get your ID, follow these steps in your app: ||| > help > copy ID and paste into a message.
    But do you really intend to help us? Because I suffered with crashes on Android and complained from the first day of Sys Duets, complained here, with you and for support and still did not solve anything, I was without the rewards That I should have earned. 
    If you look at your messages you'll see, if you look at past posts from this thread here, you'll see. 
    The question is, do you really want to help us? Or just make a count of people with these flaws? Or whatever you want with those grating in your inbox. 
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    @U_ariihU ☝️ that was your first post and you didn't even give her the info she asked for so that she could try to help...
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    luvs2gruuv disse:
    @U_ariihU ☝️ essa foi sua primeira postagem e você nem deu a ela a informação que ela pediu para que ela pudesse tentar ajudar ...
    Hi, this is my other account, if you look you will see that I have many reports about failures in these Duets sys, and due to these failures I didn't get the suit. And if it's hard for you to find I can post prints without any problems, you'll see that I've been asking for help for days.
    And I gave her the information she asked for, as she said is to send her a private message in her inbox, if I can help you with any more questions about me, let me know doll.
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    @U_ariih You aren’t allowed to have multiple accounts on the forum, use one and don’t spam with the other
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    @U_ariih You aren’t allowed to have multiple accounts on the forum, use one and don’t spam with the other

    Ok, thanks for the tip, I never logged onto the forum so to start off I had a test account, and sorry. Thanks again for the tip.
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    The new account was deleted, I’ll make sure Kalinda has the orig  forum account info for your requests for help. 
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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